Saturday, March 02, 2013

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It's time to move on.
change is inevident and I've decided to inject new blood by exporting this blog to a new n more catchy url
So please continue to stalk me and hopefully the new blog will climb to greater heights!

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Friday, March 01, 2013

Feeding is a battle -- Petit Bowl

It's true, BB K doesn't like her food! Strange when her father is such a glutton and I'm quite a foodie too. Since 6months of age, after the first 5 spoons, it'd be a battle to feed bunnikins. A mommy at her playgroup once expressed her views on my incapability and said: don't you let her watch her favourite show while you feed her? My son does that else it's impossible to feed. HA! Good luck to you! The rule in my house is that no TV exposure till the age of 2. Ok , i tried at least. At home, it' s really been a while since i've switched on the black box. Perhaps it might be a good idea to sell of the 42inch LCD TV since it's now a white elephant. The only time K gets to watch is when i'll play 5mins of Wink & Learn DVD and that is only because i needed to pee! the hub hasn't been all too coorperative in this respect as the bro and him frequently hogs the googlebox after dinner on a wkend. Can't help that but thankfully, bb k isn't too interested and would rather play with her toys or rummage the drawers!

So what am i doing wrong in terms of food? I pride myself for my culinary skills and sincerely feel that the food I'm feeding her isn't all that bad. It's really upsetting that i spent effort preparing and elaborate dish like Fish Stew only to end up eating it up myself. Perhaps it's the exposure of sweet (think blueberry bread) and salty stuff (think Sakae Sushi's chawamushi) over at the granny's place. Once again, that's beyond my control. Yet, it's infuriating to hear from them each day that the lil one is eating so little. Who can I blame? Effort had been made to educate the old foggies but to no avail. Thankfully, bunnikins love her fruits. Particularly Blueberries. I honestly can't comprehend that as personally i think these berries have an acquired taste. On one occasion, the granny proudly announced that bunnikins finished an entire packet of blueberries! Imagine the shock that was written all over my face! How can a little toddler be allowed to take in so much at one time! there's something called Vitamin C poisoning/ overdose you know. Her reply to that: I can't help it. she kept asking for more. hmm. wonder who is the adult here. 

Lately, i began reassessing bb k's food and realise that it's time i expose her to more textures and taste. I mean seriously, no matter how tasty those cereals or porridge are, it's kindof mundane if you have to eat them everyday! And for me to whip up something interesting is not too economical as i've to buy a whole lot of ingredients only to make that wee bit. End of the day, we'd be freezing a whole lot of the same kind. Thus, i decided to try out Petit Bowl located at Siglap. It has garnered several good reviews and since it's just a stone's throw away, i thought why not! Mindblown! a click to their website revealed a galore of food! the variety is amazing and puts me to shame. Delivery is a little steep (at $10 per trip), thus fortunately it's located this close else i'd be suffering a hole in my pocket. The ingredients used are good quality and no salt or msg is added. All natural! Nice. They aim to provide a feeding alternative to children age 4months to 6years. It's really great for those:
  1. Who are travelling
  2. With busy schedules
  3. Whose kids are picky eaters
  4. Who wish to lighten grandparents’ care giving load
  5. With domestic helpers who do not know how to cook the child’s meal well.
  6. Who wish for alternative meals to complement home cook food for their little one

So yeah, I got a whole truckload of stuff from them and was grateful i did coz during CNY period it was busy busy busy! It's so convenient. All you need to do is to steam the frozen delights and serve after 15mins. the portion are friendly--4/6oz. and coz bb k eats so little, we could do 2 meals with a 6oz portion! Economical! However, not all stuff i've ordered are a hit with bb k. She particularly hates the guava and orange yoghurt for some strange reason and upon eating The Green Bowl for the second time she puked. The MIL says it's because these are veg and when blended and frozen, it has "wind" which makes the kid uncomfortable. 

A real time saver!
Some mummies have expressed their disgust that I'm feeding the baby frozen stuff, but i suppose in this modern age, it's really quite an alternative and life saver! For the record, those who have criticized my actions are mostly SAHMs or have a helper at hand. 

BB K is currently in the 3rd-10th percentile for height and weight. As much as i hope she'll grow a little taller, i suppose it's good for a girl to be petite and most importantly, to be healthy!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Learning through play

Growing up in the little island Singapore is one mean feat. Children from as young as 0 years old are subjected to the obstacles posed by the education system. When i first heard of pregnant mommies signing up to be on the waiting list of famous pre schools like Nanyang Kindergarten or St James, I was speechless! In fact, if you are reading this and your kid is already a year old, you can jolly well forget about enrolling in the aforementioned schools because the chances are darn slim! Having said that, all these have made me anxious and being an educator myself, I have to ensure that my child gets into a decent school with good culture. that does not necessarily translate to a school located along Bukit Timah Road. =)

New Year resolution no. 1 was to ensure that I was on top of things for lil bunnikins and one of which was to get ourselves enrolled! So yup, that has been done. We are now on the waitlist. Now I can only hope and pray that she gets accepted for I'm certainly not keen in searching and mulling through the process again. Meanwhile, to groom her into the first female prime minister of Singapore, I've embarked and panned out our learning journey. I'm a big advocator of learning through play. Maria Montessori said that by the age of 3, the child has already laid down his personality as being human. In other words, his brain is 70% developed. In my own words: OMG! There's not enough time now that bunnikins is close to 2!!! Red Alert! Ok, chill. We should never translate our fears and stress to the child. My aim to to enable bb k to grow and learn in a stree-free environment. Well, at least before she hits upper Primary when I'm so sorry, due to the impending PSLE, you'll have to be drilled by your mommy dearest unless MOE decides to scrape PSLE altogether which in my opinion isn't that great an idea. I've never quite revealed to friends, for fear that they may think i'm an overtly kiasu mother, that BB k has been in a playgroup since 9months of age. My main motive is for her to interact with other children and to socialise instead of facing her grandparents the whole time and watching some Mandarin variety show and listening to old songs! No grudges against them for their influence in Mandarin is essential too. But, the move was necessary as I needed more exposure towards English coz I'm the only one conversing in English and that certainly isn't enough! Being in that particular playgroup also enhances my chances of getting into the kindergarten which is a stone's throw away from my home, so that kills two birds with one stone. As much as I hate the early morning traffic to our destination, I guess this is the choice I've made and I'd better zip it. 

At home, I try to do my part by providing her as much opportunities to learn as possible.  

“The environment must be rich in motives which lend interest to activity and invite the child to conduct his own experiences.”

 Afterall, they are like a sponge! Of course there were days when I felt really lethargic and lazy, I would just leave her to do more free play. That seems to happen pretty often. GUILTY MUCH! Not that easy to strike a balance between work and baby. Anywayz, below are some of the stuff which did:

Mirror Play. Discovering herself. Of late, she has been enjoying this activity particularly during lunch time!

Paint work. This time on a paper plate snake. She absolutely loves texture and getting her hand messy.
Things don't come cheap these days and seeing the absurd prices of toys, I decided to make my own to train her gross/ fine motor skills. It kept her entertained for minutes! But cleanup is a nightmare!

Bunnikin's latest favourite activity- FISHING!

Dot dot dot dot dot....this activity is particularly good for their fine motor skills. Bb k gets easily frustrated however when she's unable to stick the dots. I've a fiesty lil one here who doesn't seem to have the patience. hmm wonder where did she inherit that from? But I can only sit back and watch her frustrations coz that's the whole idea. She need

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Finally having the time to sit and blog! It's been a great start to the year of the snake with family bonding being the highlight. The hubs is in town and mil is away thus bunnikins has been hanging around with us! Which explains the lack of blogging. We have been going around visiting relatives (namely mine) and friends and this has taken a toil on BB k's schedule. The poor thing has been napping on the car but this has translated to good nights. In fact, since the start of the Snake year, she has stopped waking up in the middle of the night and I do hope this is here to stay! She has been sleeping at 11pm and waking up at approximately 630am for a dream feed and will pop back to bed all the way till 8/9am if we are lucky. Keeping my fingers crossed! But due to the crazy schedule which we have been doing, it's been quite a pain to get her to nap at certain hours. Hopefully this will change once the intensity mellows.

Here's a pictorial on what has been happening (clearly i've only got 10mins of ME time):

CNY is a time to bond with the family and i'm really glad that dear is able to interact with my side of the family. First time ever we did a KTV session at 3rd uncle's place. Coolbeanz. Had great fun and was quite impressed with everyone's singing prowess. Bunnikins however was not too impressed with daddy's rendition of BEYOND. But when mommy croon to the tune of Sammi Cheng, great applause was given by Baby K. She sure has taste! and i think she's more inclined towards sentimentals than rock.

I'm obsessed with colour coordination. This is taken on Day 8.

Ever since bunnikins started walking (on 初一), she has been exploring new terrains. At times, doing dangerous stunts like climbing of stairs without assistance. I foresee a very back backache looming.

Adoring our new PJs worn on the first day of new year. Baby K is in Carters whilst I'm in Forever 21.
Day one's ensemble. Oriental set from China and Nike Shoes. East meets West. Isn't she a darling?

Nope, we are not on a magazine again. It's just a very interesting app which I'm using called Photofunia. Really cool frames and pictures to superimpose your pix in it!

Another App which i have been playing with called Line Camera

Baby, say ROAR!

Really enjoyed my afternoon with the SIL and CIL at TWG Taka with bunnikins sleeping in my arms mostly. My arms almost broke at the end of the day! But the relaxation it brought together with the sanity away from the hustle and bustle of work life is so serene.

As much as most Feng Shui masters and horoscope prediction says that this Year of the Snake isn't exactly great for my horoscope, I hope they are all bogus and I'll live in denial. I'll take each day as it comes and pray for a better tomorrow. 


Friday, February 15, 2013

The many faces of baby k

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Friday, February 01, 2013

Enhanced Marriage & Parenthood Package

A silly thought just occurred to me of late. I've been reading many other mommy's blog but am wondering if there's actually anyone out there who is interested in reading mine. Not that mine is of much intellect or technical information. It's just mostly rants and marking of milestones. But hmmm many of those blogs put me to utter shame. They are so organised, and not to mention so lengthy!!! i'm quite a chatter thus translating them onto a blog shouldn't be such a problem, but the issue here is TIME! it's always not enough, especially when you are with a toddler and half the time the hub isn't around to help. So yeah, i'm always wondering WHY are the mommy bloggers so disciplined and where do they actually find time? Maybe I'm doing something wrong. 

Lately, the government announced the new Enhanced Marriage & Parenthood Package. Rejoice? Ha! not exactly. I honestly think it's a joke to use such a measly amount to entice a significant growth in the fertility rate. The government is aiming for 7million by 2030. That's when BB k will be 18. sweet. I hope she doesn't get pressured to get married and have kids then. The hub and I are definitely in favour of contributing to the total fertility rate especially after the birth of K who is bringing so much joy to our lives each and every day. However, the financial worries always put us, or at least, ME back. We earn a modest living and with the dependency ratio being 2:1 for me, it's quite a burden. How can working people harmonise their family responsbilities if both have to work? Yet if we don't work, how is K gona be able to attend preschools (which are freaking expensive these days! blame it on the area we are residing...too many rich fellows). Guilt pangs often hit me coz i don't wana be stuck in some other kid's home and missing the milestones in my baby's growing up years. I want to witness her first step (she's almost there, gona walk independently really soon) and not to hear that she could do this or that from her grandmother. I want to be there to cook all those yummy and nutritious stuff for her, instead of feeding her with instant cereals or porridge coz I'm too tired or pressed for time. But all these seems impossible with our high standards of living. The enhanced package doesn't seem to help in this respect. Giving one wk of paternity leave instead of what NTUC recommended -- 2 wks. Hmmm...That, I'm actually fine coz if it's 2wks, the hub will probably end up on the greens for one wk instead of frolicking in the water with his daughter. Yet again, look around you and it's not tough to find a handful of SAHM. Friend M is a typical example and she has been doing it for 6 years now. I've always asked her the secret and her answer was to be prudent in spendings and live within your means. Hmm, her means allows her to live in a condo and drive a Volkswagon. In retrospect, I live in a flat and drive a Toyota. Something is seriously wrong.

All the SAHP article that i'm reading never fails to make me feel guilty. I think that it is highly possible for a family to survive on a single middle income. But as with all, many material pursuits will have to be given up. The might translate to eating out less, staycations, less shopping and byebye branded bags. The thing about Singaporeans, like what a Bloomberg article wrote, we are a materialistic lot, always left wanting the next better thing. The reason I work, is that I love to travel. And we would never be able to afford loan payments on our house, car and be able to travel on a single income. I guess its not often discussed because economically, the standard of living here is pretty high. A family would have to think VERY HARD before deciding not to work. Problem with Singapore is probably we do not have the infrastructure to support all choices. But at least they are trying with the Enhanced package. It's unfair to compare with countries which do it better - OZ, the Scandis and so on - as they are typically fairly welfarist states, and one big reason they have that luxury is they have natural resources. At least we are taking the first step towards building a better infrastructure, they can't overhaul the whole thing in a day.

Motherhood is a curve ball, and I am still trying to reconcile that with my career.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

When the bull's away, the cow & calf play

Ok, technically, i'm no longer a cow. Really reminisce those days!

The hub has been jet setting a whole lot since the start of 2013. Towards the end of 2012, it was France, then KL then in 2013, it was France, KL and Thailand. It's no wonder he got his Gold status within a year! Wish he didn't have to fly this intensively, but coz each time he's back, he's like Oscar the Grouch! He'd be so jet lag, all he does is sleep whole day and wakes up the next morning/ night saying that he is sick coz he is this sleepy. And when you try to strike a conversation with him, he'd be nonchalant. What a bummer. Total put-off when talking to him! Was just telling him how un-sentimental he is when i said that bb k is gonna b 3 next yr n that she's gonna be going to SCHOOL! his reply: huh. orh. Seriously darling, you can do better in the communication department to make the wife feel more loved! yet, as the woman behind the successful man, i do need to get my perspectives right and try to work around my emo self. That apart from the many chores n errands I have to undertake to ensure that the house still functions well.

Anyhoots, mostly, when he's away, I'll meet up with friends and explore new food haunts with bb k. This time, it's to the widely blogged: Riders Cafe which is nestled in loads of greenery & Brussel Sprouts @ Big Splash

K was walking a whole lot at Riders. Insisting that i climbed the stairs with her! Oooo my aching back! I couldn't enjoy much of my meal coz she was too busy exploring.

My Happy Darling!

What a bummer that it was raining the whole day.. Thankfully the ride was smooth and it wasn't too tough to find our way there.

Having a nice stroll amidst the lush greenery. Taking in a big breath of rejuvenating air! Ahhhhh

The egg bene was really good! Spinach was refreshing and eggs poached to perfection.

Miso cod was good too, albeit a little small in portion.

After our meal, I brought k closer to nature. She was so intrigued by the horses and pony. But pony ride came at a hefty price! $10 for a mere 100m or so! Do i look like a sucker?

Dinner @ Brussel Sprouts was Awesome!! We had Chilli Crab mussels and White Wine sauce mussels. Free flow of fat fries to go along. I even ordered a plate of kids friendly penne for k and she loved it! Towards the end, she was a tad fidgety coz once again, she wanted to walk around and explore. This time, the kitchen!

Me & the gals. Spot the soon to be mama!

We are in the news. Again =)

Pity the hubs was flying, AGAIN. else it'd be a complete family portrait.

K was really cooperative during the photoshoot. She was showing her cheeky face to the photographer the whole time! Thanks ST for the interview. =)

Friday, January 18, 2013

2nd Family Trip To Down Under Perth

It's really quite strange that it's already halfway through the first mth of January 2013 and I'm still living and writing 2012. I guess I've heaps of unfinished business and it's bugging me now. 

Looking back, the highlight of last year must have been the two trips we took with BB k. First to Hong Kong in June and then in November 2012 we went to Down Under Australia. The whole trip was pretty successful and definitely deserve a huge serving of thankfulness and a dollop of satisfaction.

chillin by the beach cafe. the baby sure knows how to enjoy too! And She's one lucky baby too! Mummy only stepped on the Aussie land at the age of 33 and she's barely 1 at the point of this trip!

I can seriously get used to this! Look at the trees! look at the clear azure blue skies!
BB k is one smartie pants. Back in Singapore, I brought her to East Coast Beach twice and though she had her sandals on, she refused to put her feet on the sand. Somehow, she sensed that the sand isn't too fine. However, on Cottlesloe beach, she was happily digging the sand!

the flight there was really great. She was one happy and energetic baby but she managed to nap a lil but the trip back was quite the opposite. I had to carry her up and down the alley praying she'll sleep but to no avail.

Even the fruits are so darn fresh!!

Famous Hot Chocolate from Koko black

Fresh Oysters from Frementle Market

Famous Fish & Chips at Cicerellos @ Frementle.Saw a few gps of Singaporeans whilst dining there. The fish was really good! but the sauces were exp!

On our last night, we decided to spoil ourselves and dined at Rockpool over at Burswood Casino. Not that we won any money there though coz we tried to smuggle the baby in (using a carrier) but was stopped shortly after. Food @ Rockpool was overrated in my opinion. Definitely not worth the price. But if you are steak lover then okay, go try!

Awesome big pork bone with a whole lot of other stuff soup @ a Chinese restaurant!
My fav -- Egg Bene

Calamari from Ciao Italia. The queue is amazing every single day of operations, thus we decided to call for delivery.

Another MUST TRY at Ciao italia. The tiramisu is also very good.

hommmmmmm...practising her yoga @ Harvey Hills Dam. We did a 2D1N farmstay at Harvey Hills and had a good time cooking our own breakfast the next day. Sue, the host, was a nice and cherry lady. Only problem were the annoying flies! It was really a nice ride in the evening as we caught sight of kangaroos hopping around and cows lazing and grazing on the hills. Sometimes getting away from the hustle and bustle really does good for the soul.

Brought bb k closer to nature at Caversham Wildlife Park. She loved the animals and had a blast

Spot the proud lama

Taking a stroll at Swan lake River Park. Wonder why is K so glum.

Touching the Kangaroo! Eeeks!

It was really good bonding time as a family and I really appreciated the moments. I especially appreciate it as the hub has been having crazy jet setting schedules in 2012. Hopefully 2013 would spell more time as a family. The lil one is growing oh so fast, i really dread that she is brought up thinking that Daddy is in the phone all the time. 

The love of a family is life's greatest blessings

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Bb K turns one!

I haven't been up to date with things and this 2013, I shall set things right (at least I hope to). Starting with being more organised and decluttering! I've been doing so in anticipation of the Lunar New Year. I must have thrown away 10 bags of clothes and lots more bags, but somehow the wardrobe still seems full! Strange phenomenon. The hub complains that i'm not ruthless enough and that i'm only discarding 10% of my entire collection. I beg to defer. Well, perhaps if you've got any tips to share on decluttering or being ruthless, please share!

It's cliche i know, but time has zipped by terribly fast! This blog was suppose to record the various milestones in life and yet, since bb k's arrival, i've been trying to juggle things and catching my breath. Without a maid, a jet-setting hubby and crazily scheduled full-time job, i can't help but to give myself a pat on the back as this is the greatest achievement in my life yet! Thinking back, the memories of the day K was born is vividly etched in my mind. The 27 hours of pain! Who could forget that? Her entire body looked squished as a result of her journey in the cozy womb. Her dark brown eyes seemed to be twinkling in delight, her nose squashed and there were patches of red on her face. The interesting looking newborn had perfect wrinkly skin; her diminutive feet looked pigeon-toed as they rotated inwards as she was curled up snugly in the womb for 41 weeks. And today, looking at her, makes it all worthwhile. Round face, rose-coloured cheeks and a pair of sparkling blue eyes that seems iridescent. That describes my baby Kaelyn.    

The first birthday party was a close-door affair with invitations extended to only both parents and siblings. enjoyed a feast at the famous Royal China @ Raffles Hotel and had her cupcakes specially made by Charlotte Grace

nom nom nom...let me try my birthday cakes

Celebrating birthdays, just two days apart.

It's like she knew it was her first birthday. She was exceptionally coorperative and happy that day.

Grandpa is superbly meticulous!

Happy Bear-day!

To mark this important occasion, we also did a photoshoot. The hubs didn't think newborn shoots are such a great idea (he thinks it's a rip off while I m so so keen in capturing THE moment). Fortunately, we didn't spend a bomb then. I can't imagine K pulling through the shoot coz mostly she's fussy. Anyhowz, our photoshoot was done at Hort Park. 830am. Gorgeous weather albeit tremendously warm. The fireball shone mercilessly later at 10am and by then, bb k and Daddy liew were grouchy. Fortunately, some beautiful shots were captured by Edwin Photography.

 Who can resist this sweetie pie?

DJ K is in the house

Anyone in need of a child model? Please contact the mommy at =P

my favourite family shot. we were trying to get K to look up at us kissing, but i guess she didn't want to be involved in the RA scene.

MCYS if you are interested in the perfect family shot, please do not hesitate to contact me at! haha

Daddy's favourite shot. K's famous "ehhhh" look. She does this each time she wants to be carried. She has since outgrown it thank goodness. It's kindof unglam! Wonder where she learnt it from.
Here's K's developmental update thus far:

Health, Diet & Feeding

  • He’s still breastfed by latching on directly in the day when i'm with her and at night. On wkends, she's exclusively MINE! After her birthday, I started weaning him off. She has been doing organic goat's milk (Karihome) at 6mths but doesn't seem to be crazy over it. In fact, she drinks very little. each feed is between 2oz to 4oz. Thankfully, after weaning from the breasts, I put her on Organic cow's milk (Bellamy's) and she has been demanding for milk. Though each feed is still approximately 4oz, it's no longer a pain to bottle feed her and she'll hold her own
  • For her solid meals, he started showing preferences for cheese and rice. Thankfully she likes her cheese as it's packed with calcium! Other than that, it's sometimes a pain to feed her as she'll take anywhere from 15mins to an hour to finish her meal with heaps of fussing in between. Now that she has 5 baby teeth, the options in food has extended to beef stew and letting her bite her own fruits. She loves her Fish and soup thus if i were to cook a healthy lunch, i'll share it with her.
  • She loves finger-feeding herself  blueberries and bread!
  • She’s still rather petite, in the 25th percentile.

Potty Training

  • K has actually been potty trained since 3 mth old. She'll give us cues and instantly when we whip out the potty, she'll poop. when she was 6mths old, she knew how to tell us that she wanted to do it and does it periodically once in the morning when she wakes up and in the evening. However, since we got back from Australia, she completely forgotten and has been pooping on her diapers without telling us. URGH regression! At times she'll hide in a corner and once we see that guilt-ridden face, we knew it. The poop i must say, has become tremendously pungent! Hopefully with consistent efforts, she'll be back pooping on her potty. this definitely spells a longer period to diaper independence!
  • She is cloth diapered in the afternoons whilst at my MIL's and generally at home she'll be in Huggies disposable diapers. I've recently switched to the pull-up pants as she is becoming very mobile and active.


  • The fussing to suckle every 2 hourly at night was tremendously trying. I tried various methods (singing, talking, walking, rocking etc) but things still didn't look up till she was almost 10-11months old. It was a nightmare prior and during the weaning period. At the very beginning, she was waking up every half hour before midnight (mind you she sleeps at 10pm or later)..this happens all the way till approximately 2/3am before she finally settles down and wakes up eventually at 7am! Gosh, that's not a lot of sleep baby!
  • During the wk of weaning, it was extremely painful and i didn't have the heart to reject her at the beginning. She'll wail her eyes out and slap me on my breasts for milk. She will say "milk milk" and screams incessantly when i tell her "no more". at one point, she was holding on to me, crying and I was holding on the hubs, Crying! Thankfully, all this was over in about a week and I'm not liberated after 13.5mths! Now at 14mths, our supply of EBM is down to the last 6 packs. All those efforts in pumping in the car under the blazing sun and sometimes the scrutiny of foreign workers have paid off. Bb k though, petite, is healthy and has good immune system.
  • Naps are bad too prior to weaning. We'd be lucky if she does a stretch of half an hour. 
  • Fortunately, it's getting easier and she's now taking 2x1.5hours naps. One mid-morning at about 1030am and the other at around 430pm. Her bed time now is approximately 1030-11pm. I'll settle her in by 10pm and she'll toss an turn for half an hour or so and will typically wake up for a dreamfeed at 430am before returning to sleep till 8am.She resists the hubs when it comes to going to bed thus I have to be the one popping her to bed the moment I'm back from work.


 Bb k is really babbling a whole lot these days and below is her repertoire of words:
  • Mama
  • papa
  • popo (my mil)
  • Ah Ma (my mom)
  • Ber Ber (my bil and her favourite relative)
  • Gong gong (She vibrates her lips for that)
  • Bear
  • Bird 
  • Bread
  • Lion (ok, she roars)
  • Panda
  • Egg (she says dan dan)
  • Cat (she calls it Mao)
  • there
  • rabbit
  • banana
  • bag
  • duck
  • apple
  • eeeeee (when she sees something dirty)
  • eat
  • mum mum
  • milk 
  • Ngg Ngg (poop)
  • 怕怕 (means scared)
  • 辣 (she'll point to the bottle of medicated oil)
  • 美美 (means beautiful)
  • 姐 (means sister)
  • Beat 
  • Snake
  • Cow (she'll moo)
  • up
  • five (coz we live on the 5th storey)
  • bye bye 
  • star

As much as I'm one giant ball of sleepiness, I relish the moments I'm with K, watching her grow and meeting her milestones. Baby, Mummy Loves you!

Yeah! First post of 2013 out of the oven! Great start! 
Resolution: No more procrastination and Better organisation skills!
Happy New Year Everyone!

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