Saturday, January 29, 2011

Far away land........

Nope, I have not disappeared into oblivion. Was just trying to deal with issues. Namely, money and time. Seeing more enthusiasm and effort on your part, the mood has been a tad lifted. Hearing the bitch's name however, threw me into the abyss of frustration once more. The mocking laughter is still ringing in my ears. I seriously don't know where's all this leading. Each time I make a small achievement at being mindful, something has to creep in once more. Attempts to reintegrate, all rejected. I wonder how issit that the adolescents are able to maintain their lovey dovey posts.

Have been busying myself with heaps. After a host of catch ups and a wedding, it was time to set things straight at work. Have confirmed the new deal and am waiting in anticipation to embark on the new project (which i'll probably reveal when the time is right). Hope things will work out! For now, job proper can only start after Chinese New Year. Hope I'm still able to catch the peak and it will not be effort down the drain! Schedule wise, things were seemingly settled...that was all until yesterday! DANG! the menacing cloud, bringing a malicious news loomed above. I hope everyone corporates and stop giving me headaches! It's times like these when you really feel like throwing in the towel. Work aside, chores have been keeping me...or rather, US, on our toes. Been trying to clear things bit by bit since December! THANK goodness I started early! I wouldn't have managed with the insane timings I'm keeping and the amazing mountain of chores to clear albeit religiously keeping the house neat and tidy. Pictures below will manifest my thoughts:

A great breakfast (for Him) to start last Sunday right! Need all the energy for the great cleanout!

The amount of things to do is simply overwhelming at times, thus, I put my knowledge to practise and created a mindmap for the new year! haha

At a glance

Cleaned this couple of months back with a ruler! The inventor is simply a genius! There seems to be no way for this gadget to be dismantled and clean. The motor itself is attached to the back of each "circle"! Even by force, we could not open up the cover.

Despite the above complaints, I managed to get it from this (above).........

To THIS! (above)

With the help of THESE! (Above). Nooo they are not skeletons in case you are thinking otherwise...they are COTTONBUDS! i painstakingly cleaned each crevice using the bud! you can't imagine the insanity! Thank goodness there was KENNY G in the background to calm my nervy condition.

After 4 yrs, this bulb is finally retiring. Sweetie seems to be in the mood for bulb shopping these days....

The interior of the kitchen light. How those stuff got in there (it's covered with no gaps), i seriously m in a blur.

I've been neglecting a certain someone. We go back a long way. Presenting Mr B, my bf! Can't recall the last time I gave him a good scrub. Mostly, I'd just take a cloth to give him a quick rub. This year however, I decided to be good. Thus from lackluster, he turned to..........

TADA! This! his former glory has been reinstated! Look how handsome he is! :)

was very hesitant about the above initially. But I knew i had to face the music eventually.

Reluctantly, the shelves were emptied one by one and cleaned. Yet another insane project. The good thing which came out of it all was that I threw away 5 pairs and gave away at least 6 :) An excuse to stock up again? :)

In its full glory!

Could not believe how much I've achieved that day. After the arduous chores, I even had some energy left to conquer my fried nian gao! The plain nian gao has been sitting pretty in my fridge since the beginning of the year. It is said that these can be kept for months (the last I read was 6 mths though) in the fridge and the longer you keep, the more luck there is. Well, desperate times call for desperate measures! Though the underlying reason was because I absolutely forgotten that I had such an item in my fridge! Thankfully, we are both fine after eating :) The end result wasn't as expected. Effort in cutting was huge! (IT"S HARD to cut when first taken out..then upon steaming, it's difficult to take out because it starts to sick! URGH)

It's really quite invigorating to be doing the chores and I'm looking forward to this wkend when I have to clear the last lot! It's therapeutic in my opinion when you see yourself achieving so much albeit small or big feats. Have to press on the turbo button!

Feverishly pursuing the light of illusions
Seeking salvation
Falling into a whirling vortex of
Darkness, Desperation, Desolation and Despondency

Trying to find my way out of the Maze of Life
Trying o find the reason of my existence

Thursday, January 20, 2011


A broken swing,
Stood at a corner of a lively playground
An eagle with a broken wing,
Losing all its abilities, and can't even prowl.

The whistling of the cold breath drifted
Seeped through the eyes of light.
Darkness so deep yet vulnerable
Mist perpetually complex yet simple

I look around the room
the four walls threatening to engulf me
My heart is frozen
I am demoralised

And in the silence

Talk about mood swings. Thought that it would be a good start for the forthcoming Chinese New Year, but the dark clouds loomed above just a few minutes ago. There's about 1.5wks more. Would he be able to find something suitable? Would his talents be recognized? Do miracles exist?

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Late Start but great start

16 days has passed since 1.1.2011 and yes, I'm late again, a problem I'm trying to be mindful of. Afterall, the theme of 2011 is to be mindful. When mindful, I probably won't indulge in unnecessary shopping (still working on that...not seeing the light yet), and am apt to be less idle. When I'm mindful, I'm better able to regulate my emotions (a personal challenge); most importantly, being mindful will also lead me to a calmer frame of mind.

So far, 2011 has been great. letting go of bad feelings and focusing on the positive. Though today the hub sprang a surprise on me to mess up my mood -- he expressed his intentions of golfing in BKK on Day 3 of CNY just because cousin's going. Am trying to keep calm but who likes being "abandoned" during a long break? Being retaliated with the words "it's my hobby and you can come if you want" didn't sound all that right too. Trust me, the latter was purely lip service. I'm made to feel like some excess baggage being dumped in the gully. Marriage can be exhilarating as couples experience new "first". Such is not aplenty in mine. In fact, those episodes were short-lived. I'm befuddled. Things in life, no matter how small, ordinary, humble, mundane or insignificant can bring the most enduring pleasure if only we become aware of them. It takes two to clap and the booms are not permeating on this end. A character flaw which I can't reconcile. Am insanely jealous when I see how others are. I know. It's unhealthy, but it's human nature. Blame it on my obsessive over-thinking. But I promise myself to focus on looking forward as if we are intent on driving in reverse, we'll miss all the scenery. Life is too short to be lived on auto-pilot. I hope I can find my delectable moments elsewhere.

One of my delectable moments! Met up with the gals last Sunday to trade idle banter and juicy gossip. It's amazing how gals can chat. From 4pm we chatted and ate all the way till about 930pm!

The place is nicely done up and nestled away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Delectable cakes come at a price

Strawberry Shortcake with a twist -- Thumbs up!

This cup of hot chocolate was melted literally from PURE imported chocolate! Hardcore! Was nice at first sip but after a while, it got a little overwhelming.

Signage to my favourite part of the cafe

I'm never a pink person but this is so inspiring! The flowers really brighten up the whole place.

Attended Mz's wedding at Grand Park City Hall yesterday. It's amazing that it's been 1X years since we left school. Thankfully, everyone's still looking more or less the same. Time sure flew like a speeding bullet!

Absolutely love my outfit of the day. H says it's my colour. Couldn't resist taking a narcissistic picture of my back! I almost died in those 4.5" killer heels though.

The food was nothing to shout about. This was the only photo-worthy dish. They were mostly stuff you could find at your local coffeeshop, except they were of slightly higher quality. Service was not up to standard too. J who had vegetarian, was served with a plate of mock squid only to be taken away from her later (after we nibbled) as the waiter informed that the plate was actually meant for all the vegetarians at the banquet! Imagine our shock! On top of that, whilst we were away at the ladies, the noodles was served. We came back and discovered a strand on J's chair! hmm...

Sunday's coming to an end. It had been good. With Kenny G and Yanni in the background, Sunday Times in one hand and sipping a cup of rosebud tea, I hope there'd be more delectable moments and I'll have the presence of mind to enjoy every one of them! :)

Saturday, January 01, 2011

Wrapped in a cocoon of pleasure

I'm grinning like a Cheshire cat lapping a bowl of milk. Am loving the first few days of the year. Am laying in bed with my Macbook. Such luxury! The mixture of earthy scents and the night air invaded my nostrils, inspiring me to do another post! Wow! That's new!

Am loving the car! Sheer bliss to be standing next to it.

Look! I found a twin! The car parked next door. A smaller mini. Can it get any smaller?

Visited friend C's new crib on new yr's day after catching up over coffee with H and J. All the way to Yishun! A long drive.

The ever favourite Serta bed. Seems like they are doing really well these days. Word has it, they've taken over Simmons! I knew my investment was right!

Of the entire house, I love this mirror best! So apt for camwhoring!

Clever move to do away with the walls and let the light stream in through the glass. Instant glow to the house.

Sweetie's favourite corner! We've been trying to conceptualise such a cosy corner but due to the layout of our balcony, we can't :(. Am trying to work on "Project Outdoor Bench" before CNY. Hopefully the hubs would cooperate on the technical aspects.

The chic black sky was star-dusted with glittering stars speckled all over. A slim crescent dangled amidst the stars, emitting an enthralling pearly glow. Wisps of silvery clouds waltzed across the sky as the chilly night breeze howled softly. I stifled a yawn and snuggled deeper into the warmth of my blankets. Am drifting off to slumberland. Good night world!

Evolution 1.1.11


Finally I have crossed the finishing line of 2010. The fact that 2011 has finally arrived hasn't really dawned upon me fully. It seems like yet another day if not for the annual BBQ countdown. Somehow evolution has set in. It's moments like these that I really thank the ppl around me; immensely grateful for their gd company; and splendidly blessed with a not-always-so-good but i-still-love-him-very-much hubby. It's really awesome to be spending the 1st few hours of 2011 with good pals. This year, our annual BBQ has upgraded. The theme -- High Class, Good Food. Peektures below may render you helpless and immobilized so BEWARE:

The above was just a portion of the food that we had! As usual, they overbought. You probably can't tell much from the above. There were angus beef, pork belly, mussels in white wine sauce, bacon wrapped asparagus, BBQ clams and so many more! below are some zoomed-in shots of some delicacies.

Why is everyone fussing over some roast over the pit?

Now you know why! Our version of Lamb Shank! Pity I don't take lamb, but from the looks, I could tell it was two thumbs up.

Minced meat with melted cheese in peppercorn.

My favourite -- BBQ Clams! The juice that was oozing out was simply out of this world!
Angus Beef? Steak done to perfection. Certainly a gourmet treat!

Despite being a tad saltish, this bacon number was certainly a mouth-watering delight. While the style of service and presentation isn't exactly elegant, the 'petite' portions were designed with an inquisitive palate in mind.

A great balance of tomatoes and bacon! The pulps burst the moment you embrace 'em in your mouth! This heavenly combination was a crowd favourite.

Hot plate pork belly.

The man of the night -- Chef Liew. Our degustation menu was crafted by him. It marries both exquisite flavours and a fun element.

The man needs a rest too! Sometimes I really applaud him for being a superman. With a hectic day time job (esp this time of the yr) and hardly enough sleep at night (in my opinion), he still volunteered his services to get the groceries and cook 'em! How does he do all that? beats me!

There's no denying that age is catching up fast and furious. Wisps of tangy clouds moseyed across the sky, shielding the fiery ball of orange sun that was setting. Temperatures dipped to a new low (A great welcome!) as the evening breeze swept the surroundings. The trees tinted with a beautiful evening glow, swayed and danced in the gentle wind. Everything slowed to a laidback pace as the evening drawled on leisurely. As the breeze caressed our cheeks, we sat around, observing a gp of teens dumping their friends in the pool as early as 830pm. Reminiscence and nostalgia kicked in instantly. We were a bunch of rowdy monkeys back then. Far worse! With beer cans in the pool @ the stroke of midnight and many of the babes clad in skimpy bikinis frolicking in the pool (ok that sounds sleazy!) Now, the conversation revolved about pregnancy and marriage and instead of babes in bikinis, many were armed with a babe or were spotting a baby bump. Occasionally, baby gibberish would stream out of the little ones' rosebud mouths. As for the men, it's no longer intense sessions of drinking. Everyone was unbelievably sober and grappling over some iphone game -- Vege Samuri! There were no more rambunctious shrieks or vibrant balloons streaming from the pavillion framing a banner proclaiming our party theme. Evolution has dawned upon us. After all the yuletide and new year cheer, detoxification will start soon hopefully.

Alright alright, detoxification can start after the above home-cooked-by-the hubs new year dinner! :)

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