Saturday, January 01, 2011

Evolution 1.1.11


Finally I have crossed the finishing line of 2010. The fact that 2011 has finally arrived hasn't really dawned upon me fully. It seems like yet another day if not for the annual BBQ countdown. Somehow evolution has set in. It's moments like these that I really thank the ppl around me; immensely grateful for their gd company; and splendidly blessed with a not-always-so-good but i-still-love-him-very-much hubby. It's really awesome to be spending the 1st few hours of 2011 with good pals. This year, our annual BBQ has upgraded. The theme -- High Class, Good Food. Peektures below may render you helpless and immobilized so BEWARE:

The above was just a portion of the food that we had! As usual, they overbought. You probably can't tell much from the above. There were angus beef, pork belly, mussels in white wine sauce, bacon wrapped asparagus, BBQ clams and so many more! below are some zoomed-in shots of some delicacies.

Why is everyone fussing over some roast over the pit?

Now you know why! Our version of Lamb Shank! Pity I don't take lamb, but from the looks, I could tell it was two thumbs up.

Minced meat with melted cheese in peppercorn.

My favourite -- BBQ Clams! The juice that was oozing out was simply out of this world!
Angus Beef? Steak done to perfection. Certainly a gourmet treat!

Despite being a tad saltish, this bacon number was certainly a mouth-watering delight. While the style of service and presentation isn't exactly elegant, the 'petite' portions were designed with an inquisitive palate in mind.

A great balance of tomatoes and bacon! The pulps burst the moment you embrace 'em in your mouth! This heavenly combination was a crowd favourite.

Hot plate pork belly.

The man of the night -- Chef Liew. Our degustation menu was crafted by him. It marries both exquisite flavours and a fun element.

The man needs a rest too! Sometimes I really applaud him for being a superman. With a hectic day time job (esp this time of the yr) and hardly enough sleep at night (in my opinion), he still volunteered his services to get the groceries and cook 'em! How does he do all that? beats me!

There's no denying that age is catching up fast and furious. Wisps of tangy clouds moseyed across the sky, shielding the fiery ball of orange sun that was setting. Temperatures dipped to a new low (A great welcome!) as the evening breeze swept the surroundings. The trees tinted with a beautiful evening glow, swayed and danced in the gentle wind. Everything slowed to a laidback pace as the evening drawled on leisurely. As the breeze caressed our cheeks, we sat around, observing a gp of teens dumping their friends in the pool as early as 830pm. Reminiscence and nostalgia kicked in instantly. We were a bunch of rowdy monkeys back then. Far worse! With beer cans in the pool @ the stroke of midnight and many of the babes clad in skimpy bikinis frolicking in the pool (ok that sounds sleazy!) Now, the conversation revolved about pregnancy and marriage and instead of babes in bikinis, many were armed with a babe or were spotting a baby bump. Occasionally, baby gibberish would stream out of the little ones' rosebud mouths. As for the men, it's no longer intense sessions of drinking. Everyone was unbelievably sober and grappling over some iphone game -- Vege Samuri! There were no more rambunctious shrieks or vibrant balloons streaming from the pavillion framing a banner proclaiming our party theme. Evolution has dawned upon us. After all the yuletide and new year cheer, detoxification will start soon hopefully.

Alright alright, detoxification can start after the above home-cooked-by-the hubs new year dinner! :)


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