Sunday, January 16, 2011

Late Start but great start

16 days has passed since 1.1.2011 and yes, I'm late again, a problem I'm trying to be mindful of. Afterall, the theme of 2011 is to be mindful. When mindful, I probably won't indulge in unnecessary shopping (still working on that...not seeing the light yet), and am apt to be less idle. When I'm mindful, I'm better able to regulate my emotions (a personal challenge); most importantly, being mindful will also lead me to a calmer frame of mind.

So far, 2011 has been great. letting go of bad feelings and focusing on the positive. Though today the hub sprang a surprise on me to mess up my mood -- he expressed his intentions of golfing in BKK on Day 3 of CNY just because cousin's going. Am trying to keep calm but who likes being "abandoned" during a long break? Being retaliated with the words "it's my hobby and you can come if you want" didn't sound all that right too. Trust me, the latter was purely lip service. I'm made to feel like some excess baggage being dumped in the gully. Marriage can be exhilarating as couples experience new "first". Such is not aplenty in mine. In fact, those episodes were short-lived. I'm befuddled. Things in life, no matter how small, ordinary, humble, mundane or insignificant can bring the most enduring pleasure if only we become aware of them. It takes two to clap and the booms are not permeating on this end. A character flaw which I can't reconcile. Am insanely jealous when I see how others are. I know. It's unhealthy, but it's human nature. Blame it on my obsessive over-thinking. But I promise myself to focus on looking forward as if we are intent on driving in reverse, we'll miss all the scenery. Life is too short to be lived on auto-pilot. I hope I can find my delectable moments elsewhere.

One of my delectable moments! Met up with the gals last Sunday to trade idle banter and juicy gossip. It's amazing how gals can chat. From 4pm we chatted and ate all the way till about 930pm!

The place is nicely done up and nestled away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Delectable cakes come at a price

Strawberry Shortcake with a twist -- Thumbs up!

This cup of hot chocolate was melted literally from PURE imported chocolate! Hardcore! Was nice at first sip but after a while, it got a little overwhelming.

Signage to my favourite part of the cafe

I'm never a pink person but this is so inspiring! The flowers really brighten up the whole place.

Attended Mz's wedding at Grand Park City Hall yesterday. It's amazing that it's been 1X years since we left school. Thankfully, everyone's still looking more or less the same. Time sure flew like a speeding bullet!

Absolutely love my outfit of the day. H says it's my colour. Couldn't resist taking a narcissistic picture of my back! I almost died in those 4.5" killer heels though.

The food was nothing to shout about. This was the only photo-worthy dish. They were mostly stuff you could find at your local coffeeshop, except they were of slightly higher quality. Service was not up to standard too. J who had vegetarian, was served with a plate of mock squid only to be taken away from her later (after we nibbled) as the waiter informed that the plate was actually meant for all the vegetarians at the banquet! Imagine our shock! On top of that, whilst we were away at the ladies, the noodles was served. We came back and discovered a strand on J's chair! hmm...

Sunday's coming to an end. It had been good. With Kenny G and Yanni in the background, Sunday Times in one hand and sipping a cup of rosebud tea, I hope there'd be more delectable moments and I'll have the presence of mind to enjoy every one of them! :)


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