Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A Not So Silent Night

2010 is coming to an end and I'm still trying to figure out if I had done well this year. The report book's out and I'd say I deserve a pat on my back. Several went into great schools. Now for the next report book on January 11. Apart from work, I'm proud to announce that I've completed my course in MTV by Harvard Graduate Sch. Had to do something to delude myself that things have been achieved otherwise, nothing else is noteworthy.

Am trying to decide whether or not I should be listing down my resolutions...seems like every year I don't keep them. Perhaps I shouldn't, so as not to jinx it. But one thing which I've been finally trying to embark on, is to take better care of my health. Cliche as it may sound, health is indeed wealth. These days, diseases are a dime and dozen. I'm not gonna lie to myself as I'm not getting any younger, thus have really got to keep the body in check. Exercise isn't my game these days. really wish to go back to pre-marriage figure, but the mind is strong but the body is weak. Despite having more time during this period, I still prefer to chill or go for a massage. Can't blame me for these. Been waiting for months! But the accumulation of nonsensical feasting is starting to surface. So in an attempt to stop the pulsating pain in my head and the constant nauseous feeling in the gastric area, I'm seeking traditional Chinese medicine help. Not the tastiest thing on earth. Some may even say it's putrid, but as long as it helps, it's worth a try. It's too preliminary to judge if it's working but the western doctors aren't giving me a long-term cure thus I've to seek alternatives. According to the Chinese physician, he says there's loads of "rubbish" in me and that I've got a cold stomach caused by years of crab eating and cold drinks! Found the following on the Internet:

TCM disharmony patterns

Headache manifestations

Therapeutic principles

Stagnation of liver qi

Distending or pulsating pain on one side of the head, accompanied by emotional depression, chest stuffiness and occasional belching

Soothe the liver, relieve stagnation, regulate qi and stop pain

Hyperactivity of liver yang

Distending pain in the head, accompanied by dizziness, blurred vision, ear ringing, irritability, insomnia, mouth dryness and flushed face

Calm the liver, subdue yang and nourish yin

Blood stasis obstructing the collaterals

Persistent and steady headaches, pricking or pulsating pain, accompanied by forgetfulness and palpitations

Activate blood, unblock collaterals and stop pain

Retention of coldness and static fluid

Headaches with cloudiness and heaviness sensations, or feel like a tight band around the head, accompanied by distention in the chest and upper abdomen, nausea or vomiting, excessive sputum, stomach upset that tends to be alleviated by warmth, cold limbs, no appetite and fatigue

Warm the middle burner and restore its normal qi flow, eliminate dampness and resolve phlegm

Apart from the no appetite bit, I belong to the last category. It's exactly what the Chinese physician said! WOW! Everything is related to my qi not flowing smoothly.
Under his semi-strict supervision, I'm now suppose to to drink only 3 types of beverages: Hot water, Milo kosong (plain without sugar or milk) and Homemade ginger water (no cheating using 3 in 1s). Food wise, needless to say, no crabs which according to him, is the most "Cooling" seafood, no other types of seafood except certain types of fish. NO to certain types of Veg, No to beef, lamb (hate them anyway). Minimal Chicken and pork. NO to coconut products, milk and cold stuff. NO to even Fruits! Go figure! So have I been a good girl? Not entirely. With the many festivities, how can one be good?

Phew am glad that December's not too overwhelming. Can really feel the body recuperating though I still seem to be easily tired out. Well, enough said, this is entry is meant to be a photoblog. A picture speaks a thousand words so here are several thousand words' worth of a quiet but priceless Xmas spent mainly at home.

Am very proud of my Xmas tree. Was so sick of the decorations I had been reusing year after year, thus what better way to spice things up than to get my nimble fingers to do the work.

Origami Mistletoe

Origami Angel!

Met up with the gals on Monday for our yearly Xmas gathering. It's really nice to see everyone again and to be bitching as if no one's next to us. We were so loud with our incessant obscene topics, I swear the waitresses were stifling their giggles.

Christmas eve was really silent. Had to work till 2pm and do grocery shopping. the crowd was amazing! It took an appalling half an hour before I got a parking space! Dinner was at the cousin-in-law's place. a quiet and simple BBQ.

This was one of our favourites!!

Xmas Day. Visually, here are some highlights:

Price of Saffron went up! Damn! Should have bought it last year!

let the battle begin! Started dealing with the first dish: Stuffed Eggs. PAINSTAKING to dig out the yolks!

Smoked salmon
Sweetie lending a helping hand. He was really enjoying it and I really appreciate his help.

The party strength was 12 and there's a reason for those happy faces. Look below!

Pepper squid, Casear's Salad, my specialty clams and Smoked salmon-stuffed eggs

Choo's Ribs
Garlicy Parmesan Baked Mussels. YUMS! But had a hard time selecting bigger mussels from Seng Siong. The big ones were all taken by kiasu Singaporeans!

My first attempt at Paella. I give myself a 8.5!

Swedish meatballs. Ok I cheated. It's from Ikea
Entree: Chicken with apricot brandy sauce

Bacon wrapped scallop. The cute little toothpicks were made by ME!

Turkey-enoki mushroom

The one thing which I can't or rather, not interested in experimenting, is desserts. These brownie popsicles were delectable!

Who could resist Ben & Jerry's?

With Christmas done, we can now look forward to NEW YEAR! :)


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