Friday, December 10, 2010

Pre-Christmas Bliss

Where has all the time gone? It's already December and what have I achieved? ok, to be fair, it has been a hectic year and to make matters worse, I had to be an itchy finger and sign myself up for "MTV" course, which, incidentally is coming to an end! PHEW! I can't believe I survived! 2010 has actually been filled with quite a bit of excitement. With my maiden Japan trip made in June coupled with a record breaking number of graduating students, I shouldn't be grumbling much. Shall do my reflections in another post. M gonna savour whatever's left of 2010

Met up with my "sisters" on Tuesday. Such consolation to be able to have a decent social life on a weekday! Vibrantly coloured bulbs formed distinct shapes of Christmas trees, snowflakes and even instruments!

Just outside ION Orchard

Dazzling lights lined the busy city roads while gigantic Christmas trees were put up in all the major shopping malls basking the whole nation in the wintry festivities. Went to the over-rated Ippudo for ramen and visited this nice cosy place called
Wild Honey @ Mandarin Gallery.

It serves all day breakfast from all over the world. The person-in-charge was even introducing the menu via an ipad -- talk about being advanced. I love the place. The nectareous Christmas goodies smelled heavenly and tasted like food from paradise (ok, i did not exactly taste them but they DO smell heavenly!). There were no children running amok grabbing the latest toys, instead, we sat there for hours, embracing each other's company. I felt really blessed to be accepted into this family and have sisterly love. It's what I've been wanting since I was young.

Other randomness....I simply can't resist the urge to boast about my latest "artifact"

A little reminder to us both. A milestone created.


Anonymous said...

Hi Janice,

I chanced upon your blog and would like to say thank you for sharing your everyday life.

You seem so happy in all posts and it kinda rubs off on me. Reading through your posts make me happy. :)

Keep up the good work and stay blessed and happy, always! :)


Siang n Janice said...

Hi Kate,

Thanks for dropping by. Well, there are lots of ups and downs in my life and it's really quite interesting when I read my previous post. Glad that u have read the happier posts coz there are tons of sad and angry ones! haha...I guess we just have to look on the bright side of things and vent it out whenever possible :)

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