Sunday, October 29, 2006

History of Our Home

We are the official proud owners of our new love nest (Blk 110 Lengkong Tiga #05-235) as of 1 August 2006. Yeah.....!! After more than 8 years+ of courtship, we finally decided to settle down. We spent about 3 months looking for the right design with the right price for the new home. Finally we settled on Linewerkz which interests us with his sincerity and enthusiasm in our project. Hopefully what we see on the 3D drawings will reflect what we have in mind. The whole process will involve heaps of $$...n boy are we perspiring as we type! It's no joke as all the quotes received are all in the range of 30k --40k for a simple reno. This is excluding furniture n the golden plated toilet bowl! We'll juz have to work harder to earn those greens!


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