Friday, April 06, 2007

Mirror mirror on the wall

We went to our home sweet home today and was pleasantly surprised that the mirrors are up!!!! Lovely. at least there's something pleasing to see. Was particularly disappointed when I was told that I cannot have tat concrete feel in my kitchen. I think contractors in Singapore are just not too well versed in cement screeding. Our contractor tried, but the effect wasn't dark grey enough. N the ID said the lines of the wall tiles could be seen (coz we didn't hack) thus we should paint over it instead of doing the screeding. I m still coming to terms with that coz I was hoping to buy a matching greyish fridge and washing machine. okok...enuff of that...check out the pictures of my house. Dark brown mirror to make the hall look bigger and a glass divider in the toilet..think i'll be spending a lot of time soaking in the bath! CHeck out also the wall of the balcony. not exactly what i've envisioned, but i think when everything is pieced together, i should be able to get a resort feel for my balcony. Ohhh lastly, U'd see the ugly pipings of my common bathroom. what an eyesore!


Nira said...

Great work.

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