Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Nursery for little lettuce

The arrival of lil lettuce is drawing near and the aesthetic part of me really hope to revamp a little corner for the lil one. Imagine having the cherubic angelic smile could melt even the most hardened heart. I envision the pink little lips pouted as the lil one would demand for my attention. Can u imagine the baby gurgling with delight at the toy dangling above his cot, babbling nonsensically to himself while playing with the mobile.

Been researching a bit and found loads of inspiration. Inspiration I've got, but time is a little lacking.
Chalkboard wall for the lil one to draw in future. A little hesitant though, as chalk = dust = allergy?

Am having the above customised. Very excited!!

Aiming to get these mushrooms done. Inspired by http://www.ikeahackers.net/search/label/children?updated-max=2011-05-16T09%3A14%3A00-04%3A00&max-results=20

Another inspiration from Ikea Hackers. However, the amount of space would not be enough for the amount of books I have!

The hub managed to fit the curtain rod into my book shelf and converted it to a baby closet! YEAH! I can start washing all the pwetty dresses and displaying them! Imagine a walk-in closet for a newborn! LUCKY THING!

The mountain of books I have amassed over the years have grown. I can't seem to throw as they are my bread and butter. The solution -- Buy another BILLY from Ikea! It was such achievement to fill them up! (oh no...that means I can't buy anymore!)

Really love this tree but it's retailing at approximately $800!

Adorable much? But hmm why do I need it?


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