Saturday, February 03, 2007

Bridal Package

after talking so much about hotels, another load lifted is also the bridal package. Signed up with Chim Culture, whom i felt was very frenly. Visited about 5 studios...including some at the bridal show @ Suntec n MY GOODNESS..the hard sell was terrible. We couldn't take it. but the packages were really attractive. for $3888 u can get the usual package of gowns, photos and makeup but in addition, they give away rental of sisters gowns and father's suits!! they give away photos as if they are free too. It was really tempting, but it makes you wonder on their quality since they are all big timers. Thus Chim seems the one for us coz it's a cozy little haunt at Meritus Mandarin. He does gowns for events like Ms Singapore and MTV VJs wore his dresses i guess he can't be all that bad. His price however isn't that cheap. in fact, he raised his price significantly. After complaining that his price is too unreasonable, he gave me his old package which has a very attractive point -- return of all softcopies from O Studio!!!! The rest of the package is pretty standard....MTM WG and EG...tea dress...26 blah blah blah..ohhh..but no man's suit..sorry honey, u've gotto find a tailor or go G2000! All seems to be in place. Will be meeting up with Chim after CNY to discuss WG design.....quite exciting though i have no idea what design to go for.


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