Saturday, February 03, 2007

Updates on Renovation

Been a long time since we've update about the reno. Well, since we last left, the reno is now approximately 40% complete. The wiring of the house is complete (THAT COST US $1.6k)....the holes for the switches has been dug (That cost us some complains from unfrenly neighbours who could not tolerate the drilling sounds and threaten to complain to HDB).....The aircon which has been gorgeously put up by our dear fren Ah Tu.....the false ceiling (which made the house significantly lower)....the two toilets have also been tiled. N the masterbedroom toilet tiles are really cool!!!! bathtub has also been delivered !!Can't wait to have the first soak!....hmm..i guess that's about it thus far. Next we'll have to order the downlights and search for nice lightings. Those aint cheap lor!...even the designer switches cost a fair bit! but we try to save a bit by using the old powerpoints. budget is tight...savings is diminishing, stress level rocket high!

Will try to post some pictures of the house on my next update. be patient beautiful people. =)


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