Sunday, August 26, 2007

Chio Chio Armarni

David Beckham? Posh Spice? gosh....i think we are born models!Hahaha not shy!!! Dearest and I went down to O Studio today to look at the big prints and collect the small album. N GOSH...i simply adore em all!! Just check out how demure *Puke* i m in the kua photos...or how stylish (or perhaps ah beng n ah lian) the red emsemble made us. In fact, I really liked sweetie's bad boy look. N my cheongsam is one of my fav. The photographer really captured good angles at the scarfolding and all the hard work was really worth it. From morning 11am till's really no joke. Heng the photos turn out gorgeous. Now we just have to wait for that big album where we spent $2k in excess!!!


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