Monday, August 20, 2007


It was a tiring Sunday....the sweltering sun was shining with a vengeance....two burly men (namely my dear hubby and bro-in-law) flexed their muscles and carried slabs of marbles to our new house. It was a lot of sweat indeed. The marbles were so heavy that after placing 4 of em together with some glass tops in my beloved Vios, the whole backseat SANK! but the effort was all worth it. The marble dining table turned out lovely....compliments from daddy dearest, this marble set was kept for over 16 yrs!!!..if we were to buy a set, it'd easily set us back by a few thousands. Now all we need are 6 chairs to match! *groan*

The day did not end there....we went to Mondi lifestyle @ Furniture Mall to check out their Sale. there were so many stuff in various shops we love but they were all so ex. Then came Mondi. We instantly fell in love with this coffee table and rug. After much consideration, we decided to get em. Coffee table = $499....rug = $399. The rug was a very good buy..a typical rug would have cost $600 and above easily!

The whole feel looks good..our house is slowly taking shape! =)


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