Monday, September 10, 2007

DIY Ang Bao Box Completed!

yES! I've finally completed our Ang bao box! All this was done for under $5! The box (fm IKEA) was only 90cents though we could have just gotten an A4 paper box.. the wrapper was a mix and matched (from POPULAR bookstore and "Made with Love" @ Plaza Sing ie. that place rocks!) and painstakingly cut out by yours truly and the bears are wedding favours from Marina Mandarin!haha..Still not sure if i should be using bears or flowers. hmm...M pretty proud of the DIY box but not sure if it's too gaudy. Particularly like the crystal heart at the corner. Mother in law thinks it's a little too big..but HEY i'm expecting a lot of Ang baos can?hahaha..otherwise i'll be in serious trouble. Budget is way off already! In need of Charity soon!


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