Monday, September 24, 2007

Technology, a gift or a problem?

Problems seems endless...this time, it's not's technology! first my Motorola V3 died on me all of a sudden upon hearing that I plan to get a new PDA phone..panic seized me as all my contacts were in there! oh my god. I thought all my contacts were in my SIM card coz recently I've upgraded it and am able to save 1000 contacts.but ALAS! i only had 5 contacts in my SIM!.the LCD wud not light up at all! Fortunately, I have a more tech savvy mentor aka my darling of coz! he managed to copy all my contacts out onto my SIM card using some software. Went thru pains to do that! Thanks Darling!

guess wat's new? nope..not that I got myself the latest IPod or Xbox...but, my INTERNET IS DOWN....damn it! halfway thru usage last night, it just power off! i tink the modem might have fused. Stupid 2wire! Stupid Singnet. Have since emailed them to COMPLAIN! Yes, the complain queen is back. Trying to downgrade my internet plan..i tink "they" heard mi thus shut my modem off! speaking of plans, i tink these ppl are just it whether i'm a low end user or a mid user, they seem to be suggesting that i should take the Unlimited plan!...i have a good mind to termintate the service once i figure a way about how to maintain my email address. Which incidentally is havin loads of crap. frens have been saying it's bouncing back or going to spams. n i've been getting loads of spams n over quota mails. geez...u realli begin to wonder if technology is a blessing or not! Great lor, now without my modem, i cant surf at home.....might be a good least I will sleep earlier. =)

This Saturday is Guo Da Li.....couple wks more n it'd be Oct 14. !yeepee!


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