Friday, October 26, 2007

13 October -- The Eve of the big day

Many people asked if I was nervous. I honestly wasn't. It was a relief to be finally taking a break from all the work and go for a manicure. Sadly, my best friend who was supposed to have lunch and do manicure with me, didn't make things happen. In fact, it seemed that she was the bride coz one day to the event and she hadnt got anything to wear for the day & night. So anyway, I ignored all unpleasantness and enjoyed myself at Shanghai Dreams ( I fell in love with that place instantly. The girls were really amiable and the decor was pretty inspiring. Perhaps that's the next look I'll do for my room. Did a french mani (n pedi of coz) with bling bling on my fingers! How can i not make a statement right? It's my big day afterall. Together with eyebrow plucking, the bill came up to about $109. Reasonably priced I feel. Unfortunately, in my hurry to zip off to collect my best fren's gown, as i was driving, i hit agst my steering wheel n my mani on the index finger was DESTROYED! ok, i m exaggerating, but hey! it was realli partially damaged ok! HEARTACHE AH!

The night progressed with my relatives coming over my place. What a crowd!!!Everyone was excited and dad instructed all to be at my house by 730am. Especially my dear aunt who is well known for being late..haha, poor her was instructed to be at my house by 7am! Then politics struck and one helper for my reception said she couldn't help. ....the pains of having a politically unsound family.

I only managed to take a bath at about midnight, my tired best friend has already dozed off, leaving me to dry my hair n get ready for the next day. Finally hit the sack at 1am..hmm..wonder if i'll have panda eyes?


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