Friday, October 26, 2007

14 October -- The morning

Ringggggggggggggg.....all 3 alarm clock rang! Two for me (in case i can't wake up) n one for my parents! It was 530am..i felt refreshed though i slept for barely 4 hours. Did an anti-oxidant mask, ate an ang ku kway n my makeup artist Liren was here. Perhaps I was subconsciously anxious, I must have pee-ed 3 times during the 2 hour makeup session. I felt like a star with the camera and videographer shooting.

Don, my videographer, was really entertaining that day. Lightened the whole mood. at 730 -8am, my sisters started arriving, and were busy preparing things to tekan the brothers. at 845am the guys arrived. Danny boy (my cousin) was the little virgin boy entrusted with the holy task of opening the car door for my dear husband. Together with his brothers and my big fat pig, they came to the gate.

TIME FOR FUN!!! I could hear my aunts and uncles and sisters bargaining at the gate. I think they made such a racquet that my neighbour wanted to call the police! Afterall it was 9am on a Sunday morning. I instructed 'em that groom had to step into my house by 909, but subsequently if they wanan continue with the games, BY all means! they have my blessings! My gals did a great job at tekaning the guys. Some of the games were a little NC16 but it was so fun i wish i was there myself to watch. BUttttttt I had to stay still in my room. waiting. Now i was getting anxious. Siang n his entourage were made to eat sour, sweet, sour, spicy stuff; sing english love songs (knowing that he isn't great at that); pluck hair out to spell "I Love Janice"; Say I love u in 10 diff lingo or dialects; pole dancing.

Finally he stepped into my room. wow, he never looked that handsome. I fell in love with him all over again (usually that's said by the man..but nevermind). After "receiving" me, we bade our relatives n parents goodbye. As custom, dad had to shelter me with a red umbrella whilst mom threw rice over us. I think it's to ward off evil spirits?


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