Tuesday, October 30, 2007

14 October -- How the night ended

Gorgeous Sisters
Happie Family! Happie Happie!
Suan Tian Ku La

It's our wedding..but it seemed that everyone felt it was their wedding that night!haha. We went a few tables and were made to drink and eat a slice of fat meat (Yum for him....yucks for mi!)...then at the end of it all, our brothers gave us the Suan tian ku la treatment. i tink there was vinegar, chilli padi, beer. my poor darling ate them all..i helped with the beer. By the end of the night, everyone was pretty high n i heard some even PUKE!haha. Andy was the funniest, went down on bended knees n started singing to our dear Xiuling! yup...coming from someone like him, it was truely a sight. Then he want on a rampage and started grabbing ppl to kiss!YUCK.

Fortunately it was a Sunday n next day people have to work, thus they all left. (quite sad though...coz i wasn't high enuff). We went back n continued with a few more rounds of wine with Ah pek n brother Zhenlin. Suddenly my sweetie stood up n said he was gona sleep!!! He took off his shirt, socks n shoes n headed to the bedroom. haha..Ah Pek n I were left dumbfounded! n the rest as they say, is history (dont let ur imagination run too wild)


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