Monday, April 07, 2008

Yet another smashing gathering!

As usual, the kids adore me!

Aiyo....they've grown so big! Makes me feel old

6 babes & 1 hunk

What's left of our scrumptious steamboat...YUMMY

Thanks Gracie for the yummy DONUTS! N mommy Wendy, ops! we din get to pop the champagne!

A Glimpse of what u've missed! My gorgeous shoes

Welcome to Fashionista Janice's boutique

It was a humid Sunday, some crazy people decided to have a steamboat at my place. Well, I'm the host of the crazy event. It was fun. At long last, my dear friends, Wendy, Gracie, Eileen and Benedict had a meetup @ my humble loft. Had loads of fun and drinks.. well, we didn't exactly manage to drink what Wendy brought...but it was still fun! THe soup base received good reviews (*pat on the head) and the kids enjoyed their Meadow Gold cookies and Cream ice cream. Too bad, our dear friend, Sun Sun is over at BKK enjoying her tom yum soup. Gal, u can only stare at the pictures and drool!!!

Great Job beautiful people! Cheers to a successful gathering!

P/s: for more delicious pictures of my house, they are archived under 2007 March. :-)


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