Sunday, March 16, 2008

Arranged Marriage?

We go through various stages of our lives and how we view affairs of the heart changes as we age. Chatting with a friend recently made me realised how different people think. Some freak out at the thought of being left on the shelf, others yearn singlehood whilst some dying to get married. Speaking of which, I've got 5 bombs to date this year! OH NO! I guess the pressure's up when people around u are getting hitched. Particularly for a girl whose biological clock ticks faster than her male counterparts. But do women really NEED a man these days? I mean apart from Sex, seriously we are quite capable of looking after ourselves. Well perhaps I'm saying this blatantly coz I'm married!haha. However, I think women of this millenia should be more independent and live for herself. Easier said than done i know. But we must really try. Be if emotional of financially, I really hope there are more women stepping out and not live in our mommy's era. True, as a princess, we dream of our knight in shining armour. But dont be obsessed girls! Embrace yourself in an ambition. Live life to the fullest. N if your prince charming comes along, treasure him and have fun!


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