Sunday, March 02, 2008

Hope the new year will bring us more luck

So exciting to be celebrating CNY this yr as husband and wife. It was a little freaky to be eating with a whole bunch of strangers. My Wong family must be missing me. My cousin was especially moody coz no one was with her during the gambling session. Poor thing la. but hey! that's life. n reunion at granny's place was cool. we had ABALONE. fresh from the shell, boiled for 3 days 3 nights. they were little fresh abalones which tasted fantastic! I've never eaten such fantastic delicacy before. Looking forward to next year already!haha

First few days was really hectic. having to visit this aunty n that uncle. Mainly all my side coz my end are the麻烦ones. the annual CNY drama also happened with daddy not wanting to visit some people. WHen asked if it's coz they offended him, he merely said he wanted to keep it simple n dont make it so troublesome. Perhaps he was having his PMS. Mom on the other hand wanted to visit. Thus I had to be her ahmad. There was a lot of logistics headache in the midst and not to mention, dad's face was as black as 包公。Can't the two of them just grow up? I seriously hope my baby will tolerate with the nonsense i have to face at home and dont give me problems. Just do what u are told and life will be peaceful. Give and take la. The both of them are already over 50, yet they act like 5 yr olds. sianz.

Over the next few days, we had frens over and on the following Sunday, I did a housewarming for my immediate family. not bad! earn money!hehehe.


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