Saturday, March 08, 2008

If Janice can cook, so can u!

After a great episode from the previous housewarming with my relatives, I decided that I have quite a bit of culinary skills in me. It was rather frustrating to hear comments like "hey i didn't know u could cook!"..n when u try to explain to them it's coz mommy dearest doesn't like me to mess up her kitchen (she's a hygiene freak for those of u who dont know. She cleans the kitchen inside out even after steaming a fish) Anyway, I dont need to explain myself to them.

Went to market today. FInally I've got Saturday off! Since the beginning of the year (or should i say since last yr!!) I have not had a Saturday off! but tmw will be hectic. *snore*. Tonight's dinner was fabulous. Steamed promphet ($7), Drunken prawns ($2), Stir fried vegetables ($1.50) and bak kut teh ($3) Definitely beats going out to eat (that is if you order the same amount of food la!) N the verdict -- Hubby loves my cooking! Yeah! :-)

You know the strange bit about my dearest is that he likes to "fight" to do the cooking. haha. We often quarrel over differences in opinion. To put the dark sauce first or the light sauce. U know those trival matters. hehe. but hey, that's the joy of cooking!


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