Saturday, March 01, 2008

Shop till we drop!!

Nice cosy place where we spent the night. I think it was Best Western Inn.
Nice car that we rented. What brand issit??
See...dio summon @ Washington! Can't show my complain prowess in foreign land

Dont believe your man when they say they wont shop and that they have nothing to buy! From this trip I've learnt that no one can resist the great bargains at outlets!!! We shopped @ Leesburg till 2pm. It was pretty much a ghost town that's why we got out of the place that quickly la! Tax over there is 5%. Drove back to Philly and along the way, we stayed @ Days inn. Together with breakfast, it cost us onli $55!!! the cheapest and best so far!! Had an extremely relaxing night. Drank two bottles of Sprite and watched bimbotic show -- americal Modelton! was realli bitchy and next morning when we woke up, it was still showing .. it's a MODELTOn duh!.....

Drove back and had KFC again. This time the utility wasn't as high. Went shampoo shopping. me sua ku but they had Redken, Biolage n other main salon brands on the shelves of a supermarket! I mean such brands you probably can get them from your hairdressers at a premium! I bought myself two big bottles of Tresseme. very nice smell but Very heavy too! haha. Neil cooked CLam chowder and the very oily but extremely delicious Clam Linguni. Watched Sex in the city and went ot bed early coz we had to wake up at 4am the next morning.

In a blink of an eye, it was 4am and we had a huge breakfast of Scrapples. It's somewhat like luncheon meat. Neil drove us to the airport @ 5am and when we arrived we realised that the flight was delayed! 1145am was the take off!! oh my God! what are we to do!! the place isn't as bustling as Changi Airport. There practically nothing except a restauarant and a newsstand! BORING. we slept and finally boarded the plane @12noon. but it was only at 1pm that the plane departed! They said there's some technical fault and they had to bring in their technician from LA to repair! What a thing to say when we were in the plane!! ANyway, the weather was getting stormy over in LA. California was snowing!!! the Storm centre was moving rapidly and my heart was racing when i heard about it. Fortunately, God was watching over us and we arrived safely at LAX once again. We waited for quite a while for our luggage, booked a car and headed off towards the coastline. Had a magnificent feast of white wine mussels, little neck clam and clam chowder by Redondo Beach. Crashed for the night at a nearby inn. Slept for 10 hours that night!!! before sleeping, we saw this really hilarious HBO production -- How to lick pussy! Hahahaha...can u believe it?


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