Saturday, March 01, 2008

Happy 2007!!!!! WEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Welcome to Niagara Falls (We had dinner @ Hard Rock that night n officially became Rockers for life!)
SNOW!!! I saw snow the next morning when I woke up! It was amazing!
Rainbow @ Maiden of Mist (I think that's what it's called la)

My Shy Baby
Behind the Falls. Niagara Has eroded several metres over the years. Several people died too coz they were engaged in the silly Barrel Challenge which involves sitting themselves in a wooden container and splashing down with the falls. Crazy people!
From The Ferris Wheel
ROCK ON!! but we dont know who the hell was singingThe Fireworks were beautiful. *SOB SOB*

ok, let's not get too excited first. I'll get to the highlight in a while. it's the eve. We were on Canada's side of the falls. GOSH! Freaking expensive la!! at least 30% more ex than on American side! 4 cups of coffee and one plain water together with a slice of cheesecake cost US$30! I kid u not! that excludes tips! We arrived at around 10am and toured behind the falls. Had soup and burger for lunch, walked around, sat on the Ferris Wheel and was about done by 2pm. Shit. it's a long way before the fireworkz at night. Walked to the casino and killed time at Denny's. It was very cold there. Fireworks was deem to start at 9pm and 12pm. There was also a concert to celebrate 2007. We finally survived and after dinner at a nice little cosy pizza place, we made our way to the Falls where the concert was held. The falls was beautifully illuminated by the lights and laser. We hung around and saw the gorgeous display of fireworks at 9pm. but wanted to tahan till midnite so that we could countdown. So off to the trusty jeep where we stashed beer! We drank and chatted till midnight and went out to join the crowd at the falls. When passing the Maid of mist, we really felt the chill (again, i think it's me again). And at the strike of midnight, I hugged my baby and whispered Happy new Year into his ears. The look in his eyes was so sincere that it made me feel so lucky and happy to be with him on this day at this place. Amidst the fireworks, I shed a tear.


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