Sunday, March 02, 2008

Back to reality. Gong xi gong Xi gong xi ni!

My Cute little Fatt Choy Orange plant sitting quietly in my fortune corner
Cute rite? Told u so! We got it after Reunion Dinner @ the nursery along Bedok Road
Look at the decoration we've got for the house. It was super cheap. Gonna reuse for next yr!

Our living room, looking spic and span!

Started work. Schedule was in a mess and crazy as kids had CCAs, supplementary classes etc etc. really frustrating to plan. But finally all was settled and life has officially started. Am still in the honeymoon mood. It was such a great honeymoon, I miss it everyday I'm back. I'm still thinking about how much fun we had during the trip. It was really gonna be one to remember for years to come. Anyway, life as husband and wife has started and the next hurdle is Chinese New year! Yup...the dreaded ang bao giving time. technically since we are newly-weds we dont have to give. unfortunately, over at my family, that tradition doesnt realli hold. So off we went to shop for CNY goodies and dressed up our house for the new year. even bought a lucky orange plant to bring life to the house. I think it did us good coz i won at Mahjong at our house! Yeah!


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