Saturday, March 01, 2008

Lunch with Mr President @ The Whitehouse?

Most of the buildings are typically the same style as the one above.
hmm...wonder if President George Bush is free for lunch today?
Unfortunately, he's busy having some meetings with Hilary Clinton & Obama. Who's gonna win?
Dont' be deceived by the rays filtering through the clouds! The wind chill factor was tremendous
See how happy my baby is with his dinner @ Best Western?

It's new yr's day. White fluffy clouds were waltzing across the azure-blue sky. Well, not very azure actually, coz it was snowing. Visibility was reduced. We went to Denny's for a big breakfast. Drove allt he way to outlet (Exit 42) -- Waterloo Outlet. Had fantastic buys from vanity Fair. $6 for a gorgeous nightie! Boy, is my baby in for a good one tonight! Had pizza for dinner. n Beer to complete the meel of coz. Nittny was in for a treat --- he had the crust!

Next morning, we drove to Washington. Headed off at 11am. tok us approximately 2.5hrs. Saw KFC along the way n had a sudden craving. It was! Felt a little adventurous and decided to turn into one of the streets. Nothing much and headed off. Parked at 21st St H and walked to the Whitehouse which was on 1600 Penn Avenue. It was a ghost town n FREAKING WINDY! Cold was an understatment. After seeing some monuments and capitol building, we cheong back to our parking spot, only to discover a US$25 SUMMON! Wah lau! in singapore dio summon liao, go US still dio! n we were only 10 mins late! It was a boring little place thus we drove round the famous monument which was fetured in Forest Gump -- the one with the lake? remember? where Forest was giving a speech and Jenny started running towards him in the waters? Yup, that was the place. Saw the Pentagon, can't go in due to tight security. There were several art museums with wannabes. We wanted to be one too, but had to pay money so we gave it a miss. Drove towards Dulles Airport and stayed @ Best Western @ lesburg. Needless to say, i was getting ready for tomorrow's shopping trip at the Lesburg outlet! =) Dinner was settled in the room. We packed Nathan's from Lesburg and ate to our heart's delight. SHIOK!


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