Monday, July 13, 2009


Does anyone knows how to spell ANNOYANCE? that was how I felt at the start of my day! Was feeling rather lethargic after the wkend but that hangover feeling was soon translated into that of anger, frustration and rage! Had 5mins before my first lesson, thus I stopped by the side of the road to check my messages. My car was slightly before someone's residence. Gate, to be specific. There was a handwritten sign on his gate which says "NO PARKING". The bonnet of my car was merely a few inches along his gate..NOTE it's along, not directly In front of his gate. The piece of land doesn't belong to the owner of the house in anycase, thus I had the right to stop for a moment to attend to my handphone. While I was engrossed in replying my messages, suddenly a grouchy old man used his umbrella and knocked at my car door! Stunned, I wound down my window and was greeted by his bellowing! Yes, HE shouted at me! So loudly that all his neighbours started popping their heads out of their houses! That ASS**** said I'm in his compound and that I can't read and started screaming at the top of his voice. Casting a blazing stare, he threatened that he would call the police if I didn't remove my vehicle. I tried explaining that I was merely stopping for a minute and was leaving. Wanted to even apologise for "intruding" (though I'm adamant over my stand)...but he went on asking how long I want to park n he wouldn't get out of my way! How was I suppose to remove my vehicle IF he stood right next to me?! Do I need to RUN HIM OVER? I felt an angry beast being unleashed from within me but had to control myself, thinking that he's an old man and certainly didn't want him to get a heart attack. However, that old man started getting hysterical and shouted even louder. I was speechless with anger, my ire rekindled. I felt a sudden surge of anger rushing through my veins. I told him if he wants, he can jolly well call the police as I was doing nothing illegal. In fact, I was being a good citizen by not using my phone whilst on the road. Instead I stopped to use! I was intensely annoyed and wanted to let my suppressed anger express itself in a frenzied rage on that scoundrel. After repeatedly asking how long do I need to take to leave, I finally shouted and said "when u get out of my way, I'll leave!..n u can call the police if u want to!"....the road doesn't even belong to u F*****! It's the government so stop annoying me! By then, my knuckles which were gripping onto the steering wheels had whitened.

Is there some association which I can complain this BA***** to? Can't Singaporeans have more courtesy! How can the younger generation be more graceful if there are such older "role models" around!?!

Was engulfed in delirium the entire day. Thus, a little treat below (ok, my version wasn't as nice as this..but it was still a banana split) to simmer the flame.


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