Thursday, September 24, 2009

Explosion of tastebuds & others

We tend to put off things we dislike or find tedious. It's a matter of prioritizing and making time. I do find myself quite a procrastinator and I honestly loathe myself to the core for it, but, I wish I can just put a stop to time and do things my way. The most-terrified event of the year is looming around the corner and I'm entangling myself in a warp of emotions. Gastritis is acting up again despite gobbling food whenever possible. Bought a Zinger meal just the other day at 130pm and had to munch on the burger whilst driving. Talk about multi-tasking. Only at 430pm did I manage to take a sip of the drink which came with the meal. Not forgetting the mini whip potato which was an immense savior at 730pm when my stomach started its cacophony of growls. I wallow in insanity and self-pity at times. Who is here to love me? Who is here to cook me a bowl of something? Who is here to boil me that bitter tasting TCM herb which would supposedly bring my blood level back to normal? Well, whoever you are, I can't feel you.

It's a love-hate relationship wherever I go. First it's with mom. I won't exactly call it "hate". Too strong. Afterall, she's the one I had my umbilical cord entangled with for 9mths. but she gets to me at times. In good and bad ways. Just the other day, I was telling her how my health had been deteriorating and that I'm constantly without food (sounds like some famine victim in a rural part of India). She started nagging. Usual. Next few days, she kept calling to check on me and taught me how to boil stuff to "treat" myself. She did suggest for my MIL to do it for me since I'm so busy. But......even the son doesn't care. Pays lip service all the time. Much less others. Can't expect others to know or take initiative right? I take for granted the times I'm forced to drink up the entire pot of, I'm reminiscing. Wish someone would fuss over me now.

I think I'm a slave for perfection. Not good. Not good at all. I may just tear myself in two or explode in a fireball of stress. My soul is suffocating. I need to pay off some sleep debt which is long overdue. I'm hyperventilating as I think of the forthcoming presentation and and the practicum which is in the same wk as my students' exams. I guess being persistent does entail some sort of foolishness. Currently m entertaining thoughts of taking a long break to escape from all worldly and matters of the heart. Can I do so? Perhaps as what K would say ..." NO!! LIVES R AT RISK!" Ok. Reality check. Emotions went bungee-jumping, (several catalysts r at fault) will notify you if they return to safe land.

Amidst the lunacy, I managed to seek some sanity last Sunday. Gave in to my intense craving for seafood! The damage? won't wanna know. Nestled comfortably in agricultural bliss, in an untouched part of Singapore, lo and behold a restaruant so famous that several HK and Singapore stars patronised.

The sweltering heat of the merciless sun almost killed my patience as looking for the place was a challenge. Especially so as the both of us hardly venture to the other end of Singapore. Thank goodness it was all worth it. The above --> Top Shell with Fried Dou Foo. Not any ordinary beancurd, but crispy on the outside, soft on the inside. An excellent concoction together with the sweet Thai chilli sauce.

Next up, MUSSELS! The sambal assimilated my nostrils, rendering me weak. Giving in to temptation.
My saliva was hanging dangerously at the tip of my mouth. Bamboo Clam! I'm not really a garlic lover, but the garlic was really sweet. Brought out the freshness of the clam!

The highlight of the day. The star! We were all trying to figure out the recipe. Everyone badgered me to experiment. EXPENSIVE ok? The broth was delactably infused with the sweetness of the lobster. It's no sin to pile up on this. I ate 3 bowls!!

Tastebuds exploded in utter delight at this sight!

Smoked Duck. This wasn't that awesome as I think we could probably get something similar in Cold Storage? hehe..ok, to give it credit, it tasted great. A little oily but nevertheless Tasty!

This fishy was swimming happily out in the tank and now, sadly (for the fish), it's on our plate. FRESH!

Spinach & Abalone. Real Abalone. Probably the canned type though. in anycase, they all send shivers down my spine! HEAVENLY!

I'm piling up on fats in the most undesirable ways but this lollipop drumlets are to die for!Somehow for the above dish (3 egg veg), I seem to feel my version's tastier! Hahaha..NOT SHY! stark contrast.... what had been brewing in my little Kitchen:

To treat myself well and to make sure I get sufficient "QI", this was my virgin attempt at boiling Dangui (n lots of other weird herbs) Chicken soup. A very good first attempt (don't be deceived by the layer of's camera trick I swear!).....sweetie drank two bowls! It was supposedly for me! Fortunately, knowing him well, I boiled extra!

Piling up on the fibre too since I constipate frequently.
Salted Egg Bitter Gourd. He "fought" to be my main chef when I was preparing this dish. Ended up being a tat too raw for my tastebuds. Nevertheless, Thank you! haha
Coffee Pork Chop. Strangely, it's only 70-80% close to what we have at the restaurants. Can't seem to get the right aroma. However, my kind gourmets of the night said it was good. hehe...too kind too kind!

An all time favourite => a mixture of garlic calamari and chicken strips! A very good beer snack too! However, a lot of work goes into it. I was literally battling with the oil splattering out from the wok. Sweetie and Big bro had to come to my rescue. What a sight!

This is one of my late night musings. There's lots more to tell I'm sure, but my aching back and the Eifel Tower of books are calling out to me...............Give stress wings and let it fly away!


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