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Was actually rather lazy to blog, but something made my day and I simply had to pen it down! An ex student messaged me at 1am to wish me Happy Teacher's Day! ok, if you think I'm a little over the moon by this simple gesture, here's why. Student A was under my care from Pri 5 to Sec 2. He annoyed me to no end with his nonsensical antics and refusal to commit formula to memory. Several times, vulgarities were hurled just coz he was in a bad mood. His excuses for not doing his homework would pile up higher than KL's Petronas Towers. Was reluctant to let him go at the point when I was shifting but yet, a little part of me was heaving a sigh of relief. I thought the feeling was mutual, but every few months, I'd get a message from him, updating me of his life or new tutor who cannot seem to communicate with him on the same wavelength. Today, as I was struggling through piles of unmarked assignments, he dropped me a message to ask if I'm available for a chat. I thought, why not? n...here's what he had to say:

Student A: U free for a chat?
Me: not really, but shoot.
Student A: nothing much, just wanna wish u a Happy Teacher's Day!
Me: Thanks! *touched*
Student A: u know the XXXX method you taught me? It saved my ass several times and I wana thank you for it!
Me: OH my! You actually remembered! *Touched* again. Well, only my students would know this secret XXXX method coz I was the one who "created it"
Student A: ohhh so I'm talking to the creator

ok, from here, the conversation became a little wayward and out of point. Having led separate lives for 2 years (Student A is now in Sec 4), it really melts my heart when I know someone remembers me fondly and inscribed the things I taught him in his mind. Especially since he's not your typical role model. The whole expression of gratitude really makes teaching more rewarding and motivates me to continue doing it.
Pressies galore! This year, my students really know what to give!

Over the weekend...........
It was a rather exciting wkend..not because Man U was up against Arsenal (match of the season apparently), but because my house was filled with life once more! The mahjong session with H, R, B and A went on till 430am. By then, I was asleep.

In preparation for the party of the night, baby bought a keg of draught beer. He just had to have it. It's like a magnet attracting him each time we visit the supermarket. Today, he has an excuse! Half the keg must have been drunk my him! Alas! Check out that beer tummy!
Was in the mood to cook on Sunday. Been a while. Was rather stressed up with loads of things and needed a break, need to resuscitate! Since I can't escape to a faraway country just yet, the next best thing was to cook. Wanted to have a large party and do a bee hoon + curry feast. However, perhaps due to the last minute invitation, several soccer kahkis turned down the offer. Either that or there are still some underlying issues murking the waters. *wonder* The turnout was good though, 8pax. This time however, I undercooked! It hardly happens but perhaps the food was too palatable? hehe....was a little pai seh! I'll face the wall and reflect!

Instead of curry chicken, I thought something herbal would be better for W who is happily pregnant with her first child! COngrats! :-)
A hit with the crowd --- GOLDEN GARLIC PRAWNS!

Next cookout date: To be advised! :-)

Sometimes, it feels like I’m taking a step forward on a backward moving travelator.


WenniAw said...

Wow I missed out on good food!

Siang n Janice said...

haha..u r too kind. it's just a simple Feast! haha

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