Sunday, December 06, 2009

Christmas Preparations & Men @ Work

Christmas! A word filled with anticipation for children, a word full of memories for grownups. Was in the festive mood just the other day and decided to be crafty. This white mini tree has been with me for the last 18 years! OMG!

A little homework for my little one but a HUGE project for myself! Decided to do up an advent calendar for N. Essentially to count down to Xmas, there's a riddle to decipher each day. The first alphabet of the word of the day will join together to form a Xmas wish at the end of 25 days. It was insanely tedious to be cutting and pasting onto foam paper to create that 3D look. Somehow, I get overly engrossed with such stuff.

Xmas is not here yet, but someone's already delirious with joy! Sweetie ordered himself so many Nespresso capsules, he can bury himself with them! what about my Xmas present? hehe

Rewinding a little.............Men @ Work. My boys decided to whip up dinner last wkend and I have no part in it, only to EAT! Yeah! For once I'm being "pampered". There's something alluring about men cooking. I think it's simply sexy!

Look at the tantalizing feast! The mash potato sweetie made was particularly tasty!
Big bro is eyeing on the food, wondering when is dinner gonna start!
FINALLY! Everybody tucking into their food!

Inspired by their enthusiasm, I felt like trying out some new recipes too. This month's issue of Simply Her came with a free Xmas recipe book. The pictures looked so good, i simply had the urge to cook. Cook I did, but with little success. Apart from the veg and soup which will never go wrong and are not part of the Xmas recipes, the cereal pork chop (cooked using simply a toaster) is a tat too salty. probably due to the garlic salt I've added. The lemon cheese prawns actually tasted nice, except that it was a tedious chore to be placing sandwich cheese (I should have used grated mozzarella cheese instead) on it and ensuring that it is in place in the midst of cooking in the toaster. Perhaps I'm not used to using a toaster to cook, thus the flop. However, i'm truly impressed with this new way of cooking. Less oil and less washing!

Am having mixed feelings about Xmas. On the one hand, I'm looking forward to our yearly party with friends and am already racking my brains over the menu (totally excited but clueless), but on the other hand, with Xmas coming, it spells a new year which implies the start of my hectic schedule. Shouldn't be complaining in times like these, but am still probably suffering from Bali hangover! That's right, I should focus on positive thoughts. The sense of excitement, dripping excess of adrenaline. It just wipes your brain out of negative thoughts, summoning what you may call insanity!


WenniAw said...

Dont need to stress about menu lah! we can each bring one dish. Erm, mine will be something from some mart loh (since i dont know how to cook!) hehe.. thanks for the invite!

Siang n Janice said...

haha...trying to outdo last yr la..not stressed coz i have to cook! I totally enjoy it! juz that this time, siang keep saying "don't cook this, don't cook that"'s so hard to please my man!

n don't worry, I'll assign stuff soon once the attendance is settled! :)

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