Monday, December 14, 2009

My Alter Ego

The heavens had turned gold with the rays of the morning sun. Golden fingers of sunlight smite through my window. In the cold morning air, I shivered like a drenched cat in the rain. It's times like these when you wish you can forever curl up into a ball under those cosy sheets. The past few mornings have been great. Opening my eyes and cuddling up to my love one. Each time the morning dawned frosty and bright. Didn't need to switch on the fan at times. Wish such weather conditions can continue to prevail in tropical Singapore.

The past few days had been good. Long wkend! :) I can certainly get used to this, but sadly, as the year comes to a closure, so does my leisure. Well, I'll try to absorb the festive mood rather than to wallow in sorrow. In fact, I'm tryin to steel myself for more action in the coming year. This hols had been pretty productive so far. Had fruitful undertakings over the weekend.

Always had a penchant for the Arts. Regretted heeding mum's advice not to be enrolled in the Art Elective Program when I was younger. Not everyone was given such recognition n chance. Unfortunately, she denied my opportunity. I used to satisfy my thirst for art by painting the sunset or trying my hands at knitting, (which failed terribly due to my lack of patience) during my school hols. This time, my alter ego surfaced int he form of cushions. Probably inspired by my Mac, I've paid much attention to its keypad, thus the recent flow of creativity.

My living room suddenly took on a more artsy look with my new handmade cushions! I pride myself for them! Now, the sofa's my absolute favourite spot for chillaxing! Can't wait for the coming wkend (it's only the beginning of hte wk and I'm thinking of wkends...tsk tsk) when I'll be lying on my coach and the caressing breeze would cast a spell on me, rendering me helpless and bringing me to myy Sunday siesta.
Adore the little blackboard to the max! Cute much? (Condemn me for the usage of the word "much"...seems like the latest slang for most teens. Such grammatical error should not be condoned!) Sweetie is heartened (or at least I'd like to think he is) by my efforts in decorating his little coffee corner.

Speaking of talent and the Arts, Kseniya Simonova is someone not to be missed. She is a Ukrainian artist who had just won Ukraine's version of "America's Got Talent". With a mix of dramatic music and a light box and loads of imagination, she placed her sand painting skills to good use. oh, by the way, she's not only talented, she's a Chio BABE!

Amazing Sand Drawing @ Yahoo! Video

The clement, glorious day is now setting into a nest of purple clouds. Wish it didn't had to end......


Shanewei said...

wow!! i like the ctrl+alt+del cushion!! that's very nicely made. Well done :)

Siang n Janice said...

Thanks! I love it to bits too! Gonna make an "ENTER" rug next!

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