Thursday, July 29, 2010


HOw fast time had flown and how little might be left. I try to pretend to starve off aging by investing heftily on skincare products which swear to take those lines off or alter the DNA (ya, who are you kidding?). No matter what I'm doing, I can no longer deny and be oblivious to one fact -- I Am Getting OLD!

Usually, this would not bother me a bit. I embrace life with a youthful spirit and I mean it's not overnight that I've become a skincare junkie. However, of late, things seem to be worrisome. Apart from having a miniscule attention span, the memory seems to be deteriorating as well. Escalation is a testament to is ineffectiveness. This was clearly manifested by a frustrating episode this morning. I woke up bright and early, all ready to face the work day with gusto. At the point of going out, i realised that my house keys weren't with me! AAAAHHH!!!!! Major Mayhem! Had to cancel a session and lose income due to this senility of mine. That's also why I'm blogging away at this hour. A luxury. That was not all. Yesterday, as I was about to put on a fresh new pair of disposable contact lens, I hesitated for a long while before inserting. Why? I had forgotten which eye's taking the higher degree! OMG! These are truly sordid affair of my fears! To think that these may be temporary and transitory.Inexplicably (or not), alarm bells are ringing in my head. An unnerving image of metamorphosis is encapsulated in my brain. I spend a vast amount of time utilising my brain, so how could this be happening? It's really disturbing and I hope the cycle does not perpetuate itself.


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