Wednesday, July 07, 2010

A Good Deed

Wearing a glow of happiness on my face: my eyes shone in triumph and pride as I grinned from ear to ear; the rush of joy robbed me of my speech. Yes. Those were the multitude of feelings I had yesterday.

Whilst teaching @ Simei, a little dog (a Jack Russel I believe) wandered into the house. The gates and doors were carelessly left opened you see. My two boys became google-eyed and it was as if a shadow of alarm touched their faces. Up on the chair they bounced. Their shuddering maid was no better, she screamed and ran into the kitchen to hide. I refused to be cowed into submission and furthermore, no one else was there to save the day thus I put on a brave front and tried luring it into the garden. Seconds turned into minutes, eventually, after a few rounds, the little dog "disappeared". I opened the main door n ALAS! It was still there, soaking my slippers in a pool of pee! I knew I had to act fast, so armed with a mango plucked from a tree, i tried to lure it out. Meanwhile, everyone else were watching by the window, with fear still written on their faces. Just then, the kid mentioned that it could be the missing dog he saw on a poster just by the road. Its name -- PRINCESS. Thus, I beckoned the dog to follow me and went in search for the missing dog's owner. It seemed to acknowledge.

Whilst I was busy looking for the poster, "Princess" decided to befriend another dog! I could tell that it was in Elysium as it tried to greet the other dog. Its owner wasn't too pleased though. She said it looked like a horse! haha By then, I had realised that "Princess" wasn't the real princess which was missing. Lost. What should I do now? Leave it alone in the wild? NO! I whipped up my mobile and dialed for the SPCA. Was informed that the officer would come in half an hour's time. There was only one thing to be done -- To lure him back into the House! haha. A yell of horror escaped the kids' lips as I motioned the dog back. You should have seen their ghoulish faces! The mother, by then, had returned and was initially a tad irritated by the "intruder" which I had brought into the house. After explaining the situation, she calmed down and we waited for the officer to come. "Princess" was eventually taken to the SPCA where they'd check for micro-chip and hopefully find its owner. Else, it'd be put up for adoption. Anything's better than letting it roam the dangerous streets! Meanwhile, I explained to the boys that the dog was a Jack Russel, akin to the one in "THE MASK". A look of confusion was what I got in written. Was I living in another era or have I been promoted to the ancient generation? How could they not know the cartoon "THE MASK"?? Anyway, refocus: I'm not a dog lover myself, but I was terribly pleased with my actions. In fact, the smile which plastered on my face did not leave. I was thrilled to bits and was really happy that I've done a good deed. It really made my day.

At this juncture, you may think that this is finally the end of my little anecdote. Well, SURPRISE! At 1030pm, I was greeted by ecstasy. SPCA called to inform me that the owners had come to claim the dog! All's well ends well!

PS: Credits have to be given to the dog in the picture above. "Princess" wasn't as cute as it. In fact, its elongated jaw and nose really had an uncanny resemblance to a horse!


Anonymous said...

Good dispatch and this mail helped me alot in my college assignement. Say thank you you seeking your information.

Siang n Janice said...

Glad that it was of help to u :) Out of curiosity, what assignment was it?

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