Sunday, June 27, 2010

Cascade of side effects

It's been a while since I've put my culinary skills to use. Not that I'm supremely exhausted. Or perhaps I am? Afterall, it's been a month of early morning lessons and late World Cup nights. In fact, I find it an aesthetic and therapeutic experience to face with life's greatest joy -- FOOD. So here's a collection of tantalising delights which may leave you salivating:

Sunday: It was meant to be a meal for 5 but ultimately, the 4 of us finished them all! The Emperor's chicken tonight was definitely fit for a king! From left: Belachan French Beans, Mapo Tofu; Emperor's chicken & Lotus Peanut soup

Last wk's delicacies. Was craving for clams and thankfully they were available. From left: Cabbage fishball soup; Steam Fish ($3 only!); Sesame Oil Chicken; Manila Clams

Couple of wks back, sweetie and I went to Changi Village Hotel. Nope, not to check in, but to have dinner.

La Cantina in Venezia Restaurant in Changi Village Hotel
Thanks to Beatrice's recommendation, I found the love of my life! Look at those chunky crab bits!

The hubs had a slab of pork. My initial thought was that it'd be tough on the teeth. But I was wrong. Infused with herbs, this succulent pork was tender enough for even an old lady to consume!

Portobello Mushrooms. Not bad, but not worth the moolah.

Compliments from the chef.

Rewinding to the 2nd wkend in June:

The stay at Mahkota wasn't the fantastic but beggars can't be choosers. It's the hols and every hotel's fully booked! Mahkota was supposedly meant for residential purpose, however, due to lack of funds, the project was abandoned and after many change of hands, it turned into a hotel which is patronised by many families. So if you are hoping for some quiet time, forget it!

Favourite!! BA KUT TEH! Strangely, I only enjoy the Malaysian style. Over in Singapore, I'm not a fan of this wonderful dish!

Sweetie's favourite! Pig's Trotter. I had the lean ones while he ate the fats!

We walked to Jongko Walk in the evening. It was just a stone's throw away from the hotel.

Love the vintage style

Was suppose to have Laksa, but it was sold out at 630pm!

walked by a stall next door and realise there's LAKSA!

Nonya Laksa. Cannily similar to the Penang Laksa, except less sour. Strangely again, I've never had any inclination towards Singapore's laksa, not even the famous Katong Laksa, however, this Malaysian version is sure tickling my tastebuds.

Mango Chendol!! YUMS

Durian Chendol....Salivating already?

The next day, we decided to skip the hotel's breakfast and went for Macs. One reason for patronising Mac Donald's in a foreign land was this:

It was time for sweetie to havest his crops! URGH! He needed Wi-fi thus we visited Macs! Ever since he got himself this new toy, he hasnt been paying attention to his surroundings -- namely ME! Over-exaggeration? Perhaps. But picture this: we were shopping elatedly in a mall thronged with people and suddenly hubs pulled me aside and said that he needed to harvest his crops! You be the judge. The invention of the iphone's great but it certainly fueled his insensitivity! In such instance, I can pray for patience and tolerance!

Time is precious and should never be wasted. I find this superlative maxim so true in that time is priceless in value and definitely should never be atrophied, as one can never recover the time lost.



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