Sunday, June 27, 2010

An indulgent week

The sky was most threatening, lightning flashed and thunder roared, but I was oblivious to it all. Slept like a baby from 430am till noon! Here's why:

AT 10PM: The excitement escalates as Uruguay Scores!

AT half time: the gamblers gather for a quickie

AT 3:30AM: Survival of the fittest? Looks like they aren't that fit.

FINALLY, after a whole lot of extra time @ 5AM, the verdict's out, USA is out of the game:

It's been a while since I've slept this long. Was reluctant to get out of my comfy sheets though flashes of lightning threatened to tear the sky. The trees bowed their crowns and stooped their branches as torrential rain poured upon them. I wonder if Orchard Road's flooded again? It's been raining incessantly the last couple of days. Was worried that the torrential rain would not halt and the tempestuous winds would keep us at home, but at 1130am +, the sun was filtering through the windows, lighting up my home with a cheerful brightness. A cool and gentle breeze caressed my cheeks and it brought with it an aromatherapy that filled the air with a soothing scent of blooming flowers and freshly cut grass. Finally, I got up and headed for a great Sunday brunch with the hubs @ Keppel Bay.

The milkshakes were a reminiscence of the States! 3 scoops of premium ice-cream! Holy Shit! however, it came with a price -- $15 per glass. hmmm

Starting the day off with Vanilla Bourbon from TWG. Nice :)

Loved the cookies so much I bought 500g home. $5.50 per pkt.

Prawn Bisque. It can never replace my all time favourite Lobster bisque but nevertheless, it was just as awesome.

Western Wanton?

This was our favourite: Aglio Olio! It came in varying levels of spiciness. We chose Medium hot, which wasn't even hot for us! Then again, Spaghetti isn't know for being spicy!

Fluffy pancakes...loved how the fruits complemented it.

Crab & Prawn wrap! I was expecting something along the lines of Delifrance's Seafood mayo, but I was wrong! This was wayyyyyy better!

After brunch, a stroll with the hubs....wish everyday could be so carefree.
The azure sea scintillated in the noon sun, casting sparkling pinpoints of light upon its surface. It was really a welcome to be strolling with a warm zephyr blowing from behind. Needless to say, being with my loveone is definitely an indescribable feeling.

SATURDAY had been good too. Though things didn't go as planned, I managed to get a whole lot of work and chores done. The mountain's still tall but fortunately it has been leveled to a manageable molehill. Took a break and brought hubs to the newly opened Udders @ Siglap.
There was already quite a beeline @ 7pm -- dinner time wasn't even over yet!

Parking was a huge problem but it was definitely worth it! MAO SHAN WANG ( a type of premium durian) & BAILEY's Bourbon ICE CREAM! Totally Rockz!

My mini vacation is coming to an end. Tomorrow marks the start of the new term for many. So it is with glee that I see the setting sun sending pale streamers of purple and orange across the dull blue of heavens. In the vast shadow of the night, the coolness and the dews descend. I hope it rains again tonight!

world cup

PS: Gotto get my butt up and whip up a heartwarming meal for the hubs and friends


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