Monday, June 07, 2010

Major Haitus

It's not that I've forgotten about u, it's just that with a sprained arm, I can't do much since my trip. Laundry's piling up, ironing's gathering and the house has seen better days. Depend on the husband? I think not. Despite being good with the mop, he's been out playing too since I've been away, which explains the inch thick dust on my floor. exaggeration but a menace no less. Haven't been working for a wk and you'd think that's great time to catch up with personal stuff. WRONG! Not with a sprain arm I can't. The list is endless! Top of the list (besides clearing my chores), to hit the streets and do some major shopping at GSS! URGH!!! For once, i felt helpless, vulnerable and frustrated. It's slowly healing, at least I can lift it up to a certain degree. Dressing up and putting on the bra's still quite a challenge but I promise I'd be back soon with major posts, hopefully by this wkend! :)

There's actually a shot of my bruised arm after "Ba Guan" but reckon it's too freakish to be posted. Wait for me, I'll be back!


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