Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Meditate in quiet serenity

It's not that I possess abundant energy at this unearthly hour, but I'm just trying to catch up more on writing. Am pretty convinced that writing is surreal. Surreal was what's on my mind last wkend. Ever since the death of my beautiful goldfish, sweetie took away the pond and we now have an empty corner in the balcony. It's a great corner where I envision sweetie and me sipping a cup of cuppa after we rise lazily from the pile of warm blankets on a Sunday morning. He shares similar view. Imagine the euphoria that will seep through the veins and spread throughout my body. Ok, exaggeration. Was ploughing through websites and look what I found:

This would sit nicely in the corner.

My favourite! An indescribable feeling engulfed me as I saw this beauty! If only the balcony's big enough! Sweetie is debating that we should place two chairs and a small coffee table. In the balcony, facing the main door? I don't think so! It's probably more visually soothing to have one or none. Afterall, i don't wish for that area to be to clouded. So I experimented with another thought -- Water feature. A fengshui master once told us that we were strong "WOODS" and needed water, thus a water feature is certainly ideal. The Nature Co as recommended on Renotalk. Brought sweetie there last Sunday morning. It's always such a great feeling to achieve much on a Sunday morning. And to venture to such a serene spot in Singapore, that's really something. Imagine creating an urban sanctuary right in your house! Tranquility! We couldn't decide on which to get though. Need more thoughts on how to make that little corner into the absolute favourite spot! Any suggestions? :)


WenniAw said...

But I thought chairs would be nice!

Siang n Janice said...

chairs r nice, but they aren't exactly gona fit nicely in my tiny balcony. Don't have the luxury of space. Moreover, Water's good 4 the both of us in terms of fengshui...still exploring though :)

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