Monday, May 17, 2010

Weddings, Weddings, more weddings!

I'm back! From Angsty to Jubilant. There are many things one can try to control in one's life. Unfortunately time is what really controls your choices and decisions. I've set my target to blog about several stuff, but somehow, time's not cooperating. WEll I think I need to stop begrudging and move on. Look at those working moms who blog! If they can do it, I can too! Just need more discipline.

First up, last week....or perhaps weeks ago..hmm...seems so far away now that we are progressing into mid-May. It's the season to get married. Countless weddings had been happening over a span of 3 weeks:

Wedding number 1: It's be so long, I can't remember when!
The lovely Couple: J & R
Venue: OOSH @ Dempsey

First up, yet another blissful match made in CCHS. Well, it didn't all start there, but their paths sure crossed when they met in school. I think CCHS teachers wouldn't be too proud, coz we were probably oogling at boys/ girls, rather than studying! Just look at the number of CCHS couples getting hitched! Sorry for the lack of photos (who am I apologising to? Sheez)...Silly me, did not charge up my camera and ended up with very few nice pics to show. All these little nitty gritties I feel are a deliberate ploy to spite me! Anyway, back to the topic. The wedding was held at OOSH @ Dempsey. Nice place but somehow I got the feeling that staff there weren't well acquainted with weddings. The chair I was sitting on was apparently falling apart. literally as the nails were coming out! How dangerous is that! Then, friend G's glass had some debris in his cup of 7up. It looked like mould, probably because they hardly have such a big event, thus their cups had all turned mouldy. We highlighted the problem to the manager in charge who had the audacity to ask: What's wrong? My goodness! What's wrong? Open your eyes dude! Story cut short, the glass was changed but 7up was not given, instead, plain water was replaced. Food was was Bland too. Nothing fantastic, in fact, the fish I was having was a tad too hard, not to mention cold. It was perhaps overwhelming for the restaurant to serve up so many dishes all at once. Ambiance wise, thankfully for the cool albeit rainy weather, sitting under a marquee was quite a nice experience. Overall, I wouldn't recommend the place for such an important day of your lifetime.
Wedding number 2. Date: 8 May.
The lovely couple: B & J
Venue: Pan Pacific Hotel Singapore

Almost forgotten that I had a wedding to attend. Can't blame as there was a flurry of activities within the week. It clashed with the day I was supposed to join sweetie and colleagues to Malacca. THe choice was tough. The decision -- Friends were more important! Malacca can wait! Went to Spa Scene @ Raffles City for a quick Haircut. My regular stylist is in the States for upgrading else I'd certainly wouldn't want any strange hands touching my gorgeous locks (ok, not very gorgeous and they aren't exactly locks! haha) Recommended by a friend, the place is filled with Korean stylist. I requested for a local as I didn't want any miscommunication. Was served by a flamboyant little guy ala David Gan. He really had an uncanny resemblance to the "God" of hairstyling! The experience there was pretty nice. Starting off with a great relaxing massage whilst having my hair washed. Trouble arose later when another customer was pissed with this Korean stylist for not being able to deliver the service on time. Hmm...happens so very often I guess. The stylist very patiently tried to explain what he was doing but to no avail. The lady was simply raging, with nostrils flaring wide! Ended off with my stylist going forward to blow dry her hair and save the day.

Ops...sidetracking! Terrible habit of mine. Thereafter the haircut (which I was pleasantly pleased), I headed home, rested a bit, did DIY manicure and headed to Pan Pac. The wait for a carpark lot was horrendous. It's always a nightmare to be attending a wedding in the Marina area. Parking is such a killer! After an arduous 20mins, I found myself a lot. A legal one no less :)
The bride was standing by the door, waitin for her march in, by the time i arrived! PHEW. The gastronomic culture was excellent. Pan pac sure live up to their name. Service wise-- no screw ups :) I just somehow didn't like the low ceiling...sigh..miss the Oriental. Wonderful memories.

Wedding/ Solemnisation number 3: 16 May 2010
The lovely Couple: S & A
Venue: Shin Yeh restaurant @ Liang Court

Probably due to inexperience, the groom was all over the place, trying to coordinate his big day. The JP was talking to himself most of the time. I could barely hear though I was seated on the front row. THe mic was faulty and all I heard was "I Do", "I will". Then again, the vows were all said by the JP. I only managed to hear S reciting a mono sentence as a vow. His bride didn't say anything! JP didn't even say "U may kiss the bride!" Guess he is Mr Conservative. I'm usually very touched during the exchange of vows, but somehow, this one irked me. THe moment wasn't all that special anymore. Perhaps to the couple it still is.

The couple had interesting wedding favours -- Polaroid album. Only problem, none of us had the polaroid camera! Fortunately, the meticulous couple brought along two, with ample film. We were all desperately trying to take pictures with one another in order to fill up the album. However, there's more than 10 pages to fill!

My Favourite shot with sweetie! Love it to the max, albeit my fat arms!Guests were all dressed in vibrant colours!
Food wise: Healthy choice. In fact, too healthy for some people's palate. Heaps of vegetables as this restaurant's inspiration is somewhat from Taiwan. By the time we hit the 3-4th dish, most of us were full. Loved the dessert though-- Bobo Cha cha with red beans. There was also muar chee (sticky glutinous rice balls with crushed peanuts).

At this junction, I'm immensely tired from posting and putting the photos together! It's been almost an hour! Wonder if all bloggers have that problem. I will push on (probably tonight or another day), to complete other posts that are outstanding.

Ideas are everywhere. They are a dime a dozen. Passion is good but at the end of the day, it's the sheer work that matters.


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