Friday, May 07, 2010

Brevity -- The soul of wit

There have been heaps to do and somehow, call it sure habitual coincidence, but I always end up giving the excuse "Time not enough". As if the situation was not bad enough, draft 1 of this post was strangely deleted halfway! Imagine the infuriation! Thanks technology!

Was sitting down the other day, accessing 2010 thus far. Nothing achieved thus yet. As such, I thought I'd better embark on something, instead of admonishing myself. Something BIG would be nice and I've came up with the perfect project --- READ. We all know the mantra and we all know what to do, but life and work do overcome us and we leave the books aside for yet another day. You are not alone. However, I do have a problem. It isn't that I'm illiterate or that I hate words (otherwise I wouldn't be blogging now)'s that I've got an illness -- I fall asleep after 3-5 pages, no matter how good the read is. Newspapers, Magazines, let alone novels....if I can pass chapter one, it's a miracle. It's even a wonder how I ever plough through those thick textbooks once upon a time? Need to find a cure for this affliction, so I have picked up a book couple of weeks back. It's a book that's definitely not everyone's cup of tea. It's a different type of novel to read, so different that it sends me into a whole different dimension. Ok, exaggeration. It's redefining the genre of friction in this case. It's actually familiar grounds, but somehow, the knowledge has been covered by inches of dust. So wish me luck!! Will check back on a month or so. Yes I'm slow! Do you have a problem?

My other life.......

I've been trying to treat myself better, by cooking healthy luncheons for myself . The gastric seems better and the bloatedness is subsiding. THe cause could really be the oily food sold at kopitiams! Oh no! Allergic to chicken rice? That's soooo sad! However, for the sake of my tummy, I really need to take care, afterall, I'm all alone in this game. No one will look after you when you are sick, so one must always take good care of oneself. I feel so vulnerable these days coz several students are ill. Exposed daily to potent germs, I can't help but feel weak. Was attacked by the monthly migraine just yesterday...sigh. ..Must start boiling more chrysanthemum, barley and my latest fav -- Apple water with sweet almonds and honey dates. It's supposedly good for complexion and coughs! Cheap and tastes real good!

I meant to post this on Monday, but somehow the chore of connecting the camera to my mac is excruciating. Smart photo of my boys. They were choosing the colour of their jerseys for their weekly soccer game. A funny conversation to share:

ME: Take picture take picture...fall in fall in
(everyone gets posey)
C: Ehh, why all of you tuck in your shirts...wait wait..i also wanna tuck!
G: NO need la...don't tuck better, show your red shorts, so unglam. don't match
C: ok la ok la, eh J, take half body...don't take red shorts ah..
ME: okok, hurry up hurry up
C: ehhh wait wait...wahh, must stand properly (puts hands on hips)

ok, you may not find it funny, but it was pretty hilarious to me!
Apart from having a new outrageously orange goalkeeper jersey, hubs was presented with pink gloves! OMG..PINK..what a colour! Imagine: your opponent comes near, sees your inner cream palm, gets ready to shoot...n SUDDENLY, you flip it over and reveal Mr Pink Panther! Will that cause a penalty? haha

CCHS Ah beng....our disciplinary mistress Mrs Lau would hit the roof! This, by the way, is going to be our outfit for 23rd May. Back to school!

A quick update on home sweet home. It's been 4 years of occupancy and my dear home is falling apart literally. 1) Fan spoil (first fan collapsed in the middle of the night; 2nd fan switches off automatically after 15secs) 2) Switch broke. Two to be exact. Had to change the whole panel as the colour of the new switch didn't match. Apparently the old one wasn't as white as we thought. Love the new switch though, so silent! 3) Soap pump rusty..ok this isn't exactly falling apart, just wanted to change coz we saw this beautiful stone soap pump from Howard storage. Love the things there, but they are mildly overpriced.

The weekend is drawing near, but it's gonna be a real busy one. Heaps of wedding invitations this month (one to attend tmw!), exams and a major trip which I am absolutely looking forward. For now, I can't wait for tmr to come..have made appointment to do my hair at Spa Scene. Heard that majority of the stylists are Koreans! Even the receptionist is Korean. Hopefully things will turn out good. hmm...strangely, shouldn't I be looking at a Japanese salon rather than Korean?


We all need something to galvanize us into action and sometimes our lethargy arises from uncertainty over what we should do!


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