Sunday, April 25, 2010

Phlegm fest

It's been phlegm fest for the last week. An unfamiliar sort of pain which was suddenly making everything that is spicy, very very appealing. It's been a while since I had been this sick. Been having very bad coughing fits in the morning, noon and night. Last wkend I awoke to find a throat irritation creep up on me and it progressed to a full-blown infection literally overnight. Must be the new-flavoured potato chips which I greedily devoured!
THE CULPRIT! Lacks flavour though. Can't taste the unagi.

This was followed by a feverish sensation which rendered me helpless for the next 3 days. Didn't even manage to enjoy the Ramen date I was looking forward to on Saturday night.
There was much hype over this place at Roberton Quay. The Tokontsu ramen was a tat too salty. Hope the authetic ones in Japan isn't like that! Feeling awfully hungry, sweetie ordered a sashimi for himself and a cod for me. Cod was nice, with its roe made into cream, which however, was too salty for my liking too. Felt really bad that I couldn't stroll long. The fever was moving in fast and furious.

Tried sleeping it away but migraine had to work its magic. The immense weight of the throbbing was insane. This was intensified each time I coughed! It also triggered the bloatedness in my stomach which made me nauseous each time I ate. Doctor said it's normal. Nauseous is simply an aura of migraine and there's no cure till date! Thanks. Imagine the agony!!! During the wk, I was constantly awoken coz of the throbbing. An experience never before! Even painkillers did not do the trick. Fortunately, J had prescribed some homeopathy pills for me previously. It's an absolute saviour! I'm beginning to believe the power of Homeopathy (I was surprised to see a Homeopathy clinic at Siglap Centre today). The worst misery however was that I could not submit an MC as it's the exam period. If you think that exams are the hardest thing to swallow, try being in my position! Pure affliction, anguish and distress!

I'm much better now though the body and head still feels weird. I don't need medicine. I just need more rest. My body is crying out but it's falling on deaf ears. Soon my dear, soon. I'll rest. Meanwhile, hope I can keep the bugs at bay. The frightful feeling that a migraine attack will be launched any minute is haunting me. M trying my best not to make any big actions and praying hard that God will bless this weird head of mine! The notion that it's lurking in a corner is superbly pressurising!

On a different note, It's the WEEKEND!

Did not sleep in today as I thought I should start treating my body better by cooking some nourishing food for myself! Somehow, the oily chicken rice or beehoon havent been going well with my gastric. Perhaps it's the cause for my indigestion. I need to pinpoint the culprit. THus, i dragged sweetie at 9am and ran errands till 1pm! Thank goodness he's with me, parking on wkends is insanity. Plus, the amount of groceries to be carried, it would take me several trips if he's not around. I would not know what I'd do without him! Which reminds me, i think I overbought again. Sigh. Real bad habit.

Anyway, it's been a while since I've posted food shots. Don't want to turn this blog into a food blog, however, Who can resist food?? So here you go! Gastronomic Culture:

Sweetie was craving for shark's fin, thus suggested I cook it. Didn't do a bad job :)

THOUGHT TO SELF: I must have passion, grit and the vision to see through dark moments. The above is just a portion of my procrastination. Below is my reward! (recipe from Tokyo...hope I get to eat lots when I'm there!)
Strange. Fry-day as just around a moment, and now it's Sunday. In a couple of hours, it's the start of a new wk. It never ceases to amaze me how time flies!


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