Friday, April 02, 2010

Moment of doubt

Just a few days back I was blogging about how my happy quotient's up and now I'm back to my disgruntled self. Dwelling on nincompoops! Scheduling annoys me to no end and having parents who can't put themselves in others' shoes, adds to the Richter scale. Had someone telling me not to "constantly change" her children's schedule as she can't keep up with the changes. Mind you, her children were the ones who were giving me a bit of a headache at the beginning of the year. To add, the only change was the time, not the day! Also, she's not a parent who executes her concerns over her children's education. It's all empty talk. Today, I was further infuriated by her maid who said "oh, u r late?" Is it any of her business? What about the times when one is early? It's always the case - the flaws get magnified and the positive aspects gets ridiculously shrunk!

It's times like these when I seriously entertain thoughts of throwing in the towel. Why should I be bothered with these people if they are not even bothered with their own future? They are all in a state of inertia and parents have been inculcating wrong fundamentals! Imagine, bringing the kid overseas and be back just a day before an exam! That's just one of the many incidents. Responsibility is what kids these days lack. For that matter, parents have a huge part to play too. They leave the role of Devil's Advocate to outsiders, namely ME. Our society is severely deprived of high-caliber younger generation. It's manifested in their level of eloquence and wit too. Sad but true. They have utterly no respect for their future and take datelines lightly.

Episodes happened and emotions stirred. Need to take a step back and breathe. It's perverse, preposterous, even pathetic to be upset over such people. Perhaps I'm putting too much passion and the whoops of joy often translates to howls of disappointment when others treat you like their beck and call -- was made to feel like this today.


Taking a step back......

They say learning is a linear process...but they did not say that de-learning is also a linear process! Somehow I feel that my brain juices have been sucked out by the green aliens from outer space as I have completely forgotten that I've taken JS1101!

JS1101?? Doesn't ring a bell!

Goodness! I actually learnt these? There was even a full compre in Japanese whereby I had to answer in JAPANESE no less. It's amazing how I actually passed this module! Suspecting highly that aliens sucked my brain juice out! It's so impossible that i have nano recollection about this language!
Watashi wa not good in Japanese des?
These really would come in handy for my forthcoming trip. However, with only 2mths or less of preparation, I'm not sure if i'd be able to jumpstart the engines!



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