Monday, April 12, 2010

What do you want in life?

I'm breathing in whatever Sunday breath there is before Monday barges in officially with a huge big sinister grin.

evil grin

Does anyone out there realise that it's already April? Heart rendering to realise that not much have been achieved since the start of the year. Last year, I've received my diploma in Creative Writing...this year, it seems a tat too quiet. Aimless. This sound is all too familiar. Where did my resolutions go to? To begin with, what were there? For one, I know I was supposed to be more disciplined, but life isn't reflecting such. The lack of updates on this space is a clear indication.

What do I want in life? There are too many people toiling their lives out there, doing too many "practical" things at the expense of life itself. I want to love my life and be able to turn around to think of the mistakes and experiences that shape my life. But right now, I can only feel the weight and urgency of multiple projects (namely coming from work) being lowered over my head. Whenever I think i've completed a task, a new heap comes along. Am just not hitting my target or am I setting them too high? Then again, I ask myself constantly, if the Chinese can do it, why can't I? Was just sharing an article with students that 5% of the students in China would fall asleep during lessons. Also, their breaks are 10mins (as per someone who came back recently from an exchange prog) as compared to students in Singapore. Lucky us. So how do they do it? Even the Japanese have seen a drop in motivation, with 50+% of the students falling asleep in class! We really need to reflect.

good days and bad days


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