Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Insatiable appetite

Cooking to satisfy my insatiable appetite is a passion but designing is a gift. I've always deemed designing as my 2nd nature. Recently, as the mighty canopy of coldly luminescent stars began to peep in and out of the barely overcast sky, I venture into a realm of interior designing. Inspired by Dad who designed his interiors from scratch, I've always wanted to be a designer of some sorts. Sadly, the realisation of this dream is tough in this rat race. The passion was rekindled lately when I saw an awesome lot of gorgeous furnishings. Feast your eyes!

Modern Fresh contemporary chairs. Not the perfect fit with my current decor, but a neat piece of art nonetheless. This contemporary Domitalia is one contemporary furniture designs without neglecting aspects of beauty and elegance. The designer's creativity has transforms into various shape and colours thus not only bring comfort but also freshness into your living room design.

3 yrs. That's how long my current sofa has taken the toil from men and women of all sizes. Soon, it will retire. It's already crying out loud for its due rest, with a spring clearly out of place. However, finding the perfect (and cheap) sofa is a horrendously difficult task. Chanced upon this cool LED sofa. How cool is that!? Sadly, not available in Singapore.

Quirky, retro ellipses. Let your bedding perk up the serious mood of a monochromatic bedroom! Waking up to such a vibrant mix of bold prints would certainly up the happiness level by a notch!
Cool modern bedding ideas! Interesting graphic design which will spice up the mojo! Modern impression is clearly visible when you look at these bedclothing. I WANT!!


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