Thursday, October 28, 2010

Marital differences over designer bags

what's wrong with me? I'm just not in the mood to blog. Somehow, there are lots in the mind, but m painfully lazy to pen them down. Immobilized, paralyzed, hypnotized? Maybe after the Os and the forthcoming trip, I'd be better? Or maybe not? The list of things on my plate seems endless. I need some ME time to reflect. Solitude is the only empowerment I could give myself. Exhaustion just hits you and it's been a long drawn week. It's just been an endless fight against wave after wave of fatigue. I really need something to look forward to, just to endeavor to the end.

There was indeed something I was looking fwd. Wanted to a B bag and told the hub. Wanted him to share the joy and give some opinion (or perhaps even sponsor? YA RITE!) But the earth-shattering discovery came -- he disapproved of my $XXXX wishlist. Not a surprise. What really put me off was that he did not even bother to look. He merely said no. Why do I even bother asking him? To begin with, it's my moolah! Secondly, he was the one enjoying his time in Taiwan and Australia, so what's with being more open-minded on this matter? I wasn't even adamant on the purchase. I know it's not reasonable and pragmatic. Prolly I can deceive myself into thinking it's a good investment. In terms of cost, it may be a few thousands, but the benefit == happiness, surely that's priceless! Marital differences. But come on, every girl has their wish! I can't even remember when was the last time I pampered myself. Really wish for more in this department. I hate to admit it, but there is really no compelling reason to buy such a pricey bag, except an inexplicable conviction that I deserve it and it will make me happy. I've been battling with this conflicting impulse the entire wk and the angst is going up a notch coz I can only online window shop! Am sooo in need of retail therapy, but with the end of the year coming, it equates to road taxes, property taxes, car installments, summons etc... all these amidst the lull period. I wouldn't be so worried if it weren't that he is golfing, goofing and enjoying whilst job hunting. Can't stop you from your rendezvous, but the financial standings ain't strong enough to justify. I guess that's the diff between men and women. Pardon the emotive onslaught of words bursting to spew coz it's the end of the year and the way things are going, it's screwing up the neuronal cells.

At this juncture, I've just made a date with retail therapy! Gonna shop (even if it means window shop) and chill out with gf this Sunday! Woohoo!

Mulberry Alexa vs Proenza Schouler

Jimmy Chooooo's Candy Acrylic Clutch! Delicious!

Prada knitted clutches

I tend to gravitate towards black and grey so bright bags in my closet certainly would serve as an essential role in making sure I don't look like I'm constantly headed to a funeral! Bottega Veneta *Swoon*

Ahhh I want them all!!

Alexander McQueen..hmmm a little too vogue for my lappy?

Assurance. Love. Hugs. Kisses. The science of the soul is worth exploring.


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