Sunday, October 31, 2010

Weekend delights

A weekend's gratification lies therein spending time with family and friends =)
Indeed, this wkend has been the best thus far this year. Starting with knocking off early on a Friday night (730pm's considered early!) and meeting the hubs for comedy flick. Typical high school bully kindof plot, but strangely it tickled our laughing bones.

Saturday was just as good. Despite the rain, it was certainly a welcoming respite from the blazing heat. Enjoyed a heart-warming evening with the hubs over a homecooked meal. The hubs, a morton's wannabe, whipped up a mean steak, which he claimed to be just as good as the exorbitant steak he had, just last month.

I'm quite fine living vicariously through you......

The hubs went golfing with cousins, leaving me in a .........EUPHORIC mood! Not that I do not enjoy your company my dear, on the contrary, I yearn for more, but you aren't that accommodating when it comes to SHOPPING! Something I badly need. I've been curbing an addiction for months -- Going to the shopping malls. The withdrawal symptoms were severe and I was hallucinating. Thus i had a great time with H scowling the streets of Haji Lane

Haji lane still retains it's unique look. With grafitti sprawling all over the walls and each individual shop tastefully decorated. Inspiration for me to re-deco my place! But hmm, that can wait.

Took a break and chilled at The Ice-Cream man which accordin to H, was featured in Business Times. Over-rated. Ice-cream wasn't good at all. Apart from all the "safe" flavours like Bandung, Chocolate and Mint Choco, all the rest were a disappointing failure. Harsh I may be, sorry, it's for your own good. They were obviously experimenting with flavours at the customer's cost. Quality control and market survey is probably what's lacking. Like in the case of H's Lychee sorbet, she commented that it tasted more like sour plum! hmm..n for my Strawberry & Banana Tofu, I seriously can't taste any Strawberries in it. Prolly another Udder-wannabe which is riding on the wave of homemade ice-cream but the gap is apparent. Doesn't exactly come cheap too. A double scoop set me off by $4.50 and if i opt for their premium flavours like Squid Ink (which was really an acquired taste...i mean imagine, using pasta squid ink on ice cream? errrrm..need I say more?), it would have cost me $6.50! Place was also painfully small.

The progress and repercussion of age is clearly visible. After an hour more of shopping, our feet were killing us thus it was time for TEA @ Fikka.

Headed for Orchard as we wanted to check out Avana Loft which has the most gorgeous gowns but I can't seem to convince myself that there's an occasion for me to dress to my nines and splurge on those numbers. Thereafter, we checked out the highly raved -- Marmalade Pantry. In a food-fixated Singapore, it was actually pretty tough to decide where to dine. Saw Jean Danker and Glenn Ong sitting not too subtly in a corner. I didn't expect Jean to look so slim! She was wearing 4-inch heels and had a mean physique. Glenn on the other hand seemed to be carrying a paunch and the butt crevice was peeking out when he was sitting down. Hmmm. Unglam much. Anyway, back to Marmalade Pantry. The soup was not hot, pasta was so-so. Staff weren't very friendly. No smiles. Overall take on this place -- Not really worth visiting unless you are just there for a drink.

I absolutely adore this picture! The lighting is oh-so-perfect. Not wanting to spoil my mood, I headed off to the CD shop and grabbed myself some Thai and Acoustic music....ahhh...this is life. Presenting MY LOOTS for the day:

My new Bovine Leather Couch. LOVEzzzzzz!

Uninterrupted hour of solitude before the hub (who was trapped unproductively in traffic) came home. In a relaxed, highly euphoric mood (albeit the slight migraine) coz it's Sunday sans the Monday Blues.

"To stay stuck or to not stay stuck? That is the question. Inertia is in the eye of the beholder. What looks to you like paralysis looks perhaps to another like passion. What looks to you like a rut, others might say is commitment, true absorption in a topic, a relationship, a career, a pursuit, a place. What looks to you like boredom, others call commitment. And even contentment. "


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