Sunday, March 20, 2011

Black hole

I seem to have disappeared into another black hole. Well yes, kindof. Was working on launching my website (see next post). It's no joke when one is technically challenged, but even sweetie's really proud of me! :)

Admittedly, there hasn't been much happening. No gastronomic eye candies to share. Appetite has been bad thus no high caloric affair. In anycase, we should not splurge when in such status. But the thankful thing is, SWEETIE FOUND A JOB! it's about time!! There was no heavy pondering as it was clear this was a good route. *fingers crossed* As we await the first day of work in anticipation, the boss called and told him his first day will be in GERMANY! Coolbeanz! Pity he can't pack me along :( Prada, Gucci, Bottega, guys will have to wait as the hub's notoriously bad at presents and surprises. Some big plans in motion now, I pray they will go through smoothly. One thing at a time yes, but time is finite and so is this world.


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