Tuesday, July 26, 2011


The active incubation has a funny effect on the brain. Apparently I've been told that the woman will become forgetful especially after giving birth. Somehow, mine came early. I decided to pen down the following events just for laughs in case I forget in time to come.

Incident 1:
was walking with the hubs one night and saw the back of my car....
ME: dear, look, the number on the plate is quite nice hor? (rattled out the number)
Hub: mmmm...(thinking that I was boasting about my own car)
ME: (as we walked towards the front and I stared at the frontal view) Wah, this driver is so creative too! places soft toys on his dashboard just like me! The pig is just like mine too! (saw the number plate again) n look! the number is very much like mine too! So coincidental!
Hub: are u alright?
ME: OMG! It's my car!!

Incident 2:
Was having dinner with gfs n faced X for almost 3 hrs before proceeding to her home.
She took a quick shower and...
ME: wow! U shower real quick considering that you have long hair!
X: huh? Are u ok? u stared at me for the last 3 hrs and dont know that I have short hair?
ME: Really? OMG!!

Incident 3:
the hub and I decided to visit the NTUC down our blk for a quick grocery shopping.
Upon entering the lift, he looked at my feet and went:
HUB: Why are u in your bedroom slippers??
Sigh....Need I say more?.....


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