Sunday, July 31, 2011

Bump Ahead

Above: ain't mine, but the belly button's really resembles. So interesting that some have their belly button protruding whilst others have them flat.

Below: The hubs and I have been fascinating about how it'd look when one day the little bub decides to kick and make an imprint of its little foot. Will this be how it'd look?

The baby bump is getting bigger and bigger. I'm blessed however that it's not exponentially bigger. To date (approximately wk26), it's 36 inches and I've put on a mere 4kg (as of 21 July) since the beginning! Nice. Banish all thoughts of a bulbous-nosed, ashen-faced hag with limp hair and spotty skin waddling painfully along...I think I've been really blessed thus far. However, I should really make more effort in keeping up with my grooming. Not very innovative when it comes to mix and match. It's more of see-and-grab. However, the shopping bug's back and July's budget was way blown!

With my due date in early November (which means our progeny was produced probably on Valentine's day 2011), I am on the home stretch of the nine-month long journey. It's really a blink of an eye and soon I'd be able to see my little bundle of light at the end of the tunnel. It's really amazing how time flies! Freaking me out honestly as I'm so not prepared for this "PHD". Procrastination -- Have yet to book massage lady; have yet to register for antenatal classes; have yet to think of names; have yet to collect various hand-me-downs from friends; hv yet to complete reading Gina Ford's Little Contented Baby (u can't blame me, I fall asleep when reading); have yet to buy big ticket items like cots, prams, carseat etc (really gotto find time to visit the TAKA/ Isetan BB fair which ends August 14)...n the list goes on!

It was a really tough first tri, but I must say the 2nd tri was a honeymoon and I was filled with utmost energy and productivity. There seems to be an unseen strength that comes from within (pun intended). However, things seems to be slowing down as I move into the 3rd tri. Am experiencing some of the less glamorous sides of pregnancy like backaches and leg cramps (luckily twice only!) Skin has also been a little oilier and this wk I found 3 new spots! URGH. I've been using a specially formulated stretchcream (thanks to willing-to-share mummy LM) religiously every night to prevent the skin from being dry and stretched. I've also been elevating my feet to prevent any chance of water retention. So far, the lymphatic drainage and blood circulation has been good. With traditional Chinese medicine and organic calcium, vits and DHA from the OBY, I've never felt healthier! During pregnancy, one needs to be properly-nourished with good blood circulation, so I made sure I had a good portion of fruits and herbal concoction like black chicken soup, ginseng, cordyceps, and other blood-nourishing herbs from the MIL.

With the due date drawing close, I'm a little worried about confinement. Have very much confirmed that the MIL will be there for me. She has been kind enough to say that all she needs is a bed in my house. But am still a little skeptical, worried that she'd be overworked. On the other hand, my own Empress Dowager has been a little senile and refused to speak to me for 2 wks when my uncle asked her who's looking after little bub. Seriously, if you are any bit concerned and willing to offer, I'm most willing to discuss. But if tantrums is all you throw, I'm terribly sorry, but I can't entertain.
On confinement 'myths"
  1. One is not supposed to bathe or touch water for one mth! OMG! can u imagine being sweaty and hot and dirty with unwashed hair? Thankfully, the MIL said there's some kind of herbs for bathing.
  2. Not using the fan or aircon! Are you kidding me?! Singapore's 365 days of summer, I really hope I can survive this! My electrical bills have gone up by 50% due to the heat I'm experiencing currently. Waking up in a puddle of sweat each day is no joke.
  3. Nourish, Nourish and more nourishment! Have passed a confinement recipe book to the MIL and she has been ploughing through it like a bible. It is said that during this period, if one eats well, every ailment can be cured! GO MIGRAINE GO! GO BACKACHE GO!
  4. "No no" to going out during the first 30 days! Thankfully, the MIL again, shared that she sneaked out once or twice on the pretext to buy milk powder during her confinement. hmmm...hint hint..
  5. Ginger (to dispel wind) and Vinegar (to cleanse the womb) are a must. Some believe in black fungus too. To some however, ginger will cause the bb to be yellow especially if one decides to breastfeed. As for vinegar pig trotters, I've been instructed by my TCM physician that I should avoid. Can't quite remember the reason but am just thankful coz I hate Vinegar and i hate pig trotters!
Honestly, I'm a more traditional person than my parents or parents-in-law, so I'd probably survive the above. *PRAYING FERVENTLY*


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