Sunday, August 14, 2011

Checking 1 2 3

I'm seriously all over the place when it comes to organisation. As much as I'd like, I don't seem to be as focused as before. Probably hormones influx or perhaps there's just too much on my plate. As mentioned before (or have I not?), this whole baby business is a real PHD. From the very beginning where one needs to find out which gynae has the best stitches, to finding the right breastpump and cot, every single thing is education! I kid you not! To call me kiasu is totally over-rated. I thought i was...researching every thing I could during my 2nd trimester when things are much more pleasurable, thinking that I had my timeline all under control...but boy was I wrong! Firstly I had problems switching to my preferred gynae after my detailed scan at wk22. After a long 1.5wk wait, the gynae FINALLY approved my transfer! it's either he's that busy (which he certainly is) or he is being cautious. Detailed research and thought has also been made towards his package which starts after wk20 and after much calculation, I thought this would be the best and most economic plan. WRONG AGAIN! Transfer mommies are not suppose to be on the package! Well donez! In other words, I have to pay-per-visit! First visit set me back by $319..a stark contrast from the $100 which I've been so used to paying! Not to mention, the no wait time! Seriously don't know why I'm putting myself through this. But I'm praying that it's for the better?

Then came the booking of a masseur for after birth. Once again, I have put aside my top 3 candidates and procrastinated till today (wk28), thinking that there's still time. But a fellow mummy shared that she booked hers (who happen to be in my top 3 list!) 6 mths prior to her EDD! PANIC button has been pushed and it propelled me into action. I called. disappointment overwhelmed me when all 3 candidates are fully booked for the month of November! talk about Kiasu Singaporeans! Sheez..n the hub still thinks I'm in the league. Thankfully, one of my top consideration recommended someone from her Kampong and I've booked myself a post-natal masseur at an attractive rate of $50 for 1hr 15mins. Not bad considering the lady will come to my residence. Am truly looking forward to it as I haven't had a proper massage since 7 mths ago! The hubs do try to ease my tension once in a while, but it's seriously not enough. Granted that he does a good job, but it's a mere 10 minutes or so. Barely enough to cure that backpain for me. Speaking of which, I've been waking up in pain every day. The common complaint is lower backache, but for me it's upper backpain! Been trying to pinpoint the problem, and tried several ways like sleeping in an upright position, propping the legs, all of which to no avail. :( I attribute it to my Serta mattress but i highly doubt it as the hub doesn't get such a problem. Now I have a phobia for sleeping. It also doesn't help that the mil doesnt allow me to go for pre-natal massages. *GROAN*

The list of things seem to be endless each day. with the masseur and gynae settled, next comes the buying of the essentials. Thankfully i have quite a bit of hand-me-downs from cousin-in-laws and friends. Heaps of maternity wears! Yeepee! no need to spend! Just last wk, to make full use of the National day Public holiday (which incidentally was a mere half day work for me), the hubs and I went round collecting those stuff. From Jurong to Pasir Ris, it's seriously tiring for both him and me. But it was all worth-it as the haul included: 2 breastpumps (a manual and electric); disposable breast pads, a changing station, some baby clothes, some toys, 2 sterilisers, one food warmer, a couple of brand new teats and bottles and one baby basket pending. Nice. As they say a penny saved is a penny earned.

I feel more comforted that things are beginning to take shape. The hubs and I finally succumbed and bought our lil bub a playpen cum cot today at the Taka Baby Fair. Yeah! After much comparison of brands and prices online, things didn't go the way I wanted (AGAIN). we wanted to get our hands on the Graco Pack 'N Play Playard/Playpen but seems like most sites online are OOS. Blessing in a way as we got a better deal with Evenflo! (retailing at $369, we got it at an attractive $199!) I can now probably try to figure out how to rearrange things for the nursery cum our study room once the cot is here in September. :)...This leaves all the expendables and breastpump parts which the hub will take charge. Hopefully it's not all lip service.

Presenting our Evenflo BabySuite Select Playard in Atom Grey

We didn't have much of a choice when it came to colours. It was Green/ Blue. I reckon green would be a more unisex colour. I love the way it is structured. Light but stable. And upon packing, it's very compact. Though it can only withstand a weight of approximately 13.5kg, I guess it's good enough as the kid would probably be around 2 yrs old. By then, the lil bub would perhaps not even want to be rolling in the cot. Next on the list: getting a well ventilated mattress. Yup, it didn't come with one. SIGH. more work.

Speaking of expendables, I wanted to try out cloth diapers for our lil bub. Found a great lobang via SMH portal and mentioned it casually to the MIL. I thought she was on the same wavelength as me when she supported the idea of cloth diapers and rattled on the benefits of it like it being eco-friendly and wallet friendly in the long run (though u'd have to wash) and the lil bub will be less prone to nappy rash. At the end of our little talk, I then realised what she meant was the ancient unfolded nappies which we used to use as a child! As opposed to what I wanted was the pre-folded kind. She insisted that mine is far too expensive and said Malaysia would have cheaper alternatives. Next thing I knew, she went Msia and got me 2 dozen of those unfolded ones! *FAINTZ*...when she presented it to me, she even happily announced that it came with instructions on how to fold! double faintz! With this, I'm plagued with the dilemma of whether to get those pre-folded ones. The cousin-in-law says she gave up after a while as she thought it's too hot for her baby. Some other mommies whom I've corresponded with have also procrastinated due to the intense amount of washing.

The above was what I wanted and am still keen on getting. Just look at the delicious colours! How can one resist?? Blame it on asthetics overpowering practicality and rationality.


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