Thursday, November 03, 2011


Movements have been utterly ardous n excrutiating. A simple task like getting up from the couch or bed is tedious. Each time the prickly feeling hits the V area I'll jump. Lil watermelon's kicks have also been intense till it hurts. Sleeping has also been agonizing. Upwards, sideways it all doesn't work. Upwards-- presses on my lungs; sideways -- supposedly gd for the heart if it's towards the left but lil watermelon apparently doesn't quite like it. The bladder despite cutting down on fluids at night, is constantly full every 2- 3 hrs.. A prelude or test of what to come I believe.

Was rather emo today. Have been hoping that the hubs could spend more couple time with me before the little one comes along -- which could be anytime! Unfortunately work has been pretty intense and each day when the clock strikes 530pm I'll text him only to learn that I'm to dine alone again. Can't blame him as diaper money's more important. However this evening, he rushed Hm not for me but to go for soccer⚡that was after telling him I wanted to go for a stroll w him n walking alone to his parents' Plc had been very arduous. Tears rolled down uncontrollably. On the one hand I know that he may not be able to attend soccer practice all that often in thd coming weeks, on the other hand, I'm the pregnant wife and with my edd being this Sunday, I, ME, YrsTRuly is of top and highest priority!

To get my mind off such thoughts and keep myself occupied, below are the projects of the day:


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